Tips for choosing the right care home for your loved one #CareQualityComm at Peverel court care

Front of homeElderly adults with health conditions such as dementia, who are unable to manage their day-to-day living activities independently, often prefer moving to a care home rather than staying alone at home or living with the family. Good quality care should be personalised and promotes independence, treats people with respect, and improves quality of life. Hence, finding a care home that offers exceptional levels of care must be a priority.

Finding quality local care homes

You can check the list of local care homes at the Care Quality Commission website. The website also publishes detailed inspection reports that cover various benchmarks that care homes have to fulfil to receive a rating, which is indicative of the quality of care.

The next step is to contact the care homes to find out the level of care offered to people with different health care needs. There will probably be a waiting list for a place, so the possible time delay before a vacancy becomes available will need to be established, as will the fees. Care homes will send you information that you should review carefully. This way, you can shortlist the promising ones and schedule a visit to check them out.

Tips to select a good care home

Besides the most recent inspection report from the CQC, you should also take into consideration the following selection criteria:

  • Location: Consider the location of the care home. Will family and friends be able to visit easily? Is the home located in a tranquil or noisy area? Can residents access shops and leisure facilities?
  • Safety and Security: Find out the arrangements the care home has to ensure safety and security of residents and visitors. You may also want to enquire about the measures in place to deal with complaints.
  • Staff Training: Good care homes ensure they train and upgrade the skills and knowledge of their staff to provide exceptional care of the elderly. Such training equips staff to cope efficiently with all types of residents and to deal with emergencies more efficiently.
  • Hygiene and General Upkeep: Quality care homes are clean and bright, and offer a hygienic environment that is carefully adapted to suit the needs of residents.
  • Diet: Seniors have special dietary needs. Hence, the food provided should be tasty and nutritious.
  • Resident Activities: Care homes should have age-appropriate activities for residents that keep them stimulated and entertained. No resident should be forced to participate in any activity.

At Peverel Court Care, we are proud to state we meet all criteria to qualify as a quality care home that offers exceptional elderly care. We offer personalised care plans to meet the individual needs of our residents, who are well looked after by highly trained, qualified and friendly staff. Our care homes have received excellent inspection ratings from the CQC for elderly care services. We welcome you to visit our three homes to check out the facilities we offer.

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