The stunning beauty of Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty at Peverel court care

Bartletts_FrontAs a part of Peverel Court Care’s exceptional elderly care philosophy, residents are treated to natural beauty from every corner of our care homes. This natural beauty soothes the mind and relaxes the body, making sure our residents are always in a relaxed and happy frame of mind.

A celebration of natural beauty

The Bartlett’s Residential Care Home in Buckinghamshire boasts well-manicured and beautiful grounds of 16 acres that offer awe-inspiring views of The Chilterns. The Stone House Nursing Care Home, also in Buckinghamshire, has a 4-acre ground that overlooks @ChilternsAONB.

Bartlett’s and Stone House regularly host summer parties in the grounds so that the residents can take in the stunning greenery of The Chilterns. Come summer, the warm afternoon sun beckons our residents for a fun and relaxing afternoon tea that is laid out in the grounds.

Revelling @ChilternsAONB

The Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (@ChilternsAONB) passes through Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire. It stretches from the River Thames in southern Oxfordshire to Hitchin in Hertfordshire, covering an area of 324 miles of lush green countryside.

@ChilternSociety has been working for decades to protect and promote the history and natural features of The Chilterns. The wooded landscape is famous for its beech woods and ancient Box woodland, which is home to rare lichens and insects.

It is not just the undulating hills, woods and fields that give The Chilterns its distinctive character, but also the attractive farm buildings, individual homes and villages. It is amazing to see medieval churches and ancient windmills still standing majestically in modern times. @ChilternSociety runs annual Building Design Awards along with the Chilterns Conservation Board to make newer buildings reflect and complement the protected landscape.

The Chiltern Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is the ultimate panacea for the eyes, body and mind, and our residents at Bartlett’s and Stone House have the wonderful opportunity to enjoy these panoramic views every day.

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