The importance of staff training and development at Peverel court care

Hand Drawn Staff Training on Green Chalkboard.As a part of our exceptional elderly care philosophy, Peverel Court Care has always given utmost importance to staff training and development. We go out of our way to attract and retain talented care staff, and we believe in giving our staff opportunities to boost their knowledge through training and development.

Peverel Court Care has a longstanding partnership with ACC to inspire and nurture staff. We have recently increased the collaboration with ACC so that our staff get an opportunity to learn and grow as carers rather than just going through the motions of training.

Collaboration redefined

Peverel Court Care acknowledges that it has wonderful staff members who are diligent and passionate about making a difference in the lives of our residents. We are highly committed to ensuring that each one of our residents has a superior Peverel Court Care experience.

Through our association with the ACC community, our staff are constantly inspired and encouraged to expand their knowledge base. ACC programs are designed for self-learning, and they help carers stay motivated to boost their knowledge using tools and support materials that the staff design themselves. This revolutionary and novel method of training and development has helped Peverel Court Care to consistently apply good care practices across its three homes and set a benchmark for care standards. This sense of community and commitment spurs constant learning, allowing Peverel Court Care staff to grow as professionals and individuals.

Encouraging learning

We know our staff are constantly on their toes, caring for our residents and also attending mandatory training sessions. To facilitate self-learning and make it more convenient for our staff to learn and grow, Peverel Court Care has opened a new purpose-built staff/training room, where our staff can imbibe new trends in elderly care and improve their existing knowledge and skills in a tranquil environment that promotes learning, development, and personal and professional growth.

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