The Future of Falls Prevention


Challenges, real-life experiences and fall reduction with tech

Video 1: The Challenges of Falls

Read Article 1: How falls impact older people and the implications for a person when they fall here


Video 2: Real-life Experiences of Falls

Read Article 2: The Voices of Lived Experience here

Video 3: Technology to Reduce Falls

Read Article 3: Harnessing technology and AI for a safer future here

The Project

Falls are one of the most feared health emergencies for older people and their families. In our three-part series, we shine a spotlight on falls, the changes we aspire to make and the impact these will have in reducing falls. We begin by looking at how falls impact older people and the implications for a person when they fall.

The potential to have a fall is something many older people and their families dread. Whether the person lives at home, is in hospital or in a care home, having a fall can have significant and far-reaching consequences. It’s something many health and social care staff also fear and often find difficult to mitigate against and manage.


Residents, family members, staff and suppliers to Peverel Court Care take part in the three videos.

About Peverel Court Care

Peverel Court Care is a second-generation family business established in 1986 with the acquisition of Stone House Nursing Home by a former Brighton General Hospital nurse. Establishing a compassionate and caring ethos in an idyllic country setting, in a world of multiple occupancy bedrooms and wards, Stone House quickly built a reputation for a high standard of personalised care. Merryfield House was established soon after, followed by Bartlett’s Residential Home, again setting the benchmark for care standards and aesthetics.

The group has since passed to a new generation in the form of the founder’s son who has been at the helm since 2000 and continues to set the standard with new accommodation and facilities whilst retaining the uncompromising focus on care standards.

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