The Care Quality Commission and their five year strategy at Peverel court care

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is the regulator of social care organisations in the United Kingdom. They set out what outstanding care looks like and then inspect services to make sure that they meet at least fundamental standards. They not only inspect care homes, but hospitals, dentists and other public services as well.
For our sector, the CQC was founded to make sure that care homes provide a safe and comfortable place to live for people who need care and support. Last week they released their five-year strategy, which aims to improve the quality of care services providers are offering.
In this article, we explore how Merryfield Nursing Care Home, Stone House Nursing Care Home and Bartlett’s Residential Care Home are already implementing the best practice strategy the CQC has identified for themselves.

Encourage improvement, innovation and sustainability in care

On we are rated 9.7 and 9.8 out of ten for all three of our premises. We have a reputation for providing outstanding services in comfortable settings and giving people an excellent place to live.
But we want to be known as more than a good care provider. For our residents, our premises are their homes and we are often an extension of their family.
We provide innovative care through our activities coordinator, who is dedicated to providing new experiences to stave away boredom and look after the mental health of our residents.

Deliver an intelligence driven approach to regulation

It’s not good enough for us to form our own opinions on what makes good quality care provision, we must listen to what those receiving care are telling us makes our service excellent.
Our residents and relatives survey gives those who live with us and their families the opportunity to tell us what they think of our service. It’s a great way of discovering any alterations we might need to make in the way we deliver our care and an excellent way to see our strengths, too.
We are delighted to report that in the last one we scored above 3.4 out of 4, which is a rating of ‘outstanding’.

Promote a single shared view of quality

Across all three of our premises, all staff are working towards the same view of quality. It is a view that has been developed over time by Peverel Court Care as a result of years of learning.
All staff are fully inducted in accordance with these principles, so whichever of our care or nursing homes you’re living in you’ll be receiving the same standards of excellence from all of our staff. We think this shared view is extremely important for the wellbeing of our residents.

Improve our efficiency and effectiveness

Our residents all have different care plans and requirements, so we have to be efficient whilst still administering care effectively.

Many of our staff members have worked with us for a number of years. They are well practiced in delivering care in the most efficient and effective way, so that we can be proactive instead of merely reactive.

We’re proud

Care provision is a difficult and important sector to work in. We have the lives of people in our hands. Regulation is important, and a good, strong strategy makes sure that providers know what the best care looks like. We were very happy to recognise that we are already implementing the best practice way of working that the CQC have identified for themselves.

We plan to carry on advancing and enhancing our services, providing high quality, luxury care in comfortable residential settings and through skilled, competent and happy staff.

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