The benefits of Outings in Care Homes at Peverel court care

Waddesdon Manor – Stone House Nursing Home, January 2023


Waddesdon Manor was built by Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild between 1874 and 1885 to display his collection of arts and to entertain the fashionable world. Opened to the public in 1959, Waddesdon Manor is managed by the Rothschild Foundation, a family charitable trust, on behalf of the National Trust, who took over ownership in 1957. It’s home to the Rothschild Collections of painting, sculpture and decorate arts.

Visit Waddesdon Manor’s website here


An important initiative for each of our homes, who offer a range of professional residential care services, including nursing, dementia and respite care, is to establish and build relationships with local communities, groups and even animals in order to provide a varied programme of activities and experiences for our residents, helping to maintain a stimulated and engaging living environment.

As care specialists, Peverel Court Care know how much of a positive effect regular outings can have for those living in a care setting. This gives residents the opportunity to meet and interact with new faces. Having the chance to socialise can help to improve social skills and behaviours and reduce the feeling of loneliness. Social interactions can also improve memory recall and cognitive abilities.


The morning of the trip, both Olive and Marion were excited for their outing to Waddesdon Manor. They both had not been for a long time, 1995 being the last time Olive went during a visit from the Queen! She explained how the Queen was just feet away from her and Ann, her daughter. She took her camera as she wanted to get photos!

Being subjected to new or familiar sights, sounds and experiences is important for everyone, but especially for those living in a care home. This encourages the residents to talk about their memories and can prove to be a powerful stimulant, providing a much-needed change of scene along with a breath of fresh air.

Both Marion and Olive chatted about their surroundings, in awe of the size and details of the manor, and their delight in seeing the new daffodils and snowbells bloom! It was a peaceful day, and we were on site to experience the winter lights show around dusk, being lucky enough to end the day with a beautiful sunset which everyone enjoyed!


Resident – Olive: 

What did you think of the experience? – “It was wonderful thank you, I had a lovely day. The last time I visited Waddesdon Manor was 1995 when the Queen visited! She was stood just a few feet away from us. I took my daughter, Ann, along with me.”

Would you like to experience it again? – “Yes definitely, it was a beautiful day, I have fond memories there and it was nice to see the lights!”

Olive’s daughter – Anne: “It was lovely to join mum on this trip, we both had a great day. The lights were wonderful and we enjoyed reminiscing our trip many years ago now!”

Resident – Marion:

What did you think of the experience? “I had a lovely day thank you. It was nice to go with Olive, we actually used to live down the road from each other in Thame!” [laughing]

Would you like to experience it again? “Yes, I would, it was beautiful to see. Even though it was cold!” [laughing]

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