The benefits of Animal Therapy in Care Homes at Peverel court care


Amazing Animals Therapy Monkeys – Stone House Nursing Home.


Here at Amazing Animals, we have been involved in the professional training and supplying of a wide range of animals for the media industry for four decades. Established in 1977, our company has the largest workforce of qualified and experienced animal experts for this type of work in the UK. 


As care specialists, Peverel Court Care know how much of a positive effect animal therapy can have on those living with dementia. That’s why we welcomed therapy monkeys from Amazing Animals to Stone House Nursing Home. 

Making invaluable connections and partnerships with organisations, such as Amazing Animals, helps to enrich the lives of those residing with us, many of those living with dementia. Interaction with animals has well-documented benefits to older people mentally, emotionally and physically, by improving emotional, social and cognitive abilities. 

When visiting our homes, animals help improve the lives of our residents, including those living with dementia, by bettering motor skills, making them feel happier and lifted, encouraging interaction and also triggering reminiscing conversations. 




Resident – Ronnie Cann:

What did you think of the experience? – “Amazing, the best thing I’ve ever seen!”

Would you like to experience it again? – “Yes, I would!”

Resident – Olive Nicolle:

What did you think of the experience? “I loved it, I saw similar monkeys on the nature programme last night!” [laughing]

Would you like to experience it again? “Yes definitely, it was nice to meet them.”

Resident – Philippa Graham:

What did you think of the experience? “It was funny, they visited me in my room. They were very cute!” [laughing]

Would you like to experience it again? “Yes, I would thank you.”



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