Why Peverel Court Care is on social media

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Social media has proven to be a powerful tool that allows individuals to stay connected and facilitates engagement like never before. It strengthens the bond between loved ones and creates new ones between strangers. Considering the varied uses of social media, it is not surprising that Peverel Court Care has a strong presence on these digital platforms.

The pinnacle of engagement

At Peverel Court Care, we take personalised elderly care very seriously. We are constantly striving to keep our residents comfortable and happy, while taking care of their social needs.

We realise that it is difficult for you to put a loved one in a nursing home. That’s why we take it upon ourselves to offer you an insight into what is happening at Peverel Court Care. Through our social media channels, relatives can get instant updates and details of the latest activities taking place in our homes. This gives them assurance that their loved ones have meaningful activities to keep them engaged and happy.

The local connection

Peverel Court Care believes in forging a robust and interactive relationship with the local community. Social media allows us to connect with the local community and create an all-inclusive community. Many of our residents have a strong community connection, and the locals have a bond with our three charming and historic homes. We encourage the local community to visit and mingle with our residents, and social media lets the community learn about activities and events that they can participate in.

The personal connection

We understand that relatives cannot visit their loved ones every day. We offer a unique way for residents and relatives to connect – social media. Through our social media pages, residents and their relatives can constantly stay in touch and share views, photographs and news.

Peverel Court Care believes in exceptional elderly care, and using social media is one of the many ways we enhance the level of our care.

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