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Smiles All Round At Our Oral Health Training Week

We’re always looking to improve the care we offer to our residents. In order to be the best, we know that we must continuously learn. We invest in training and development on a regular basis to ensure that our staff can deliver the best possible care.

Oral health is undoubtedly important. A clean and healthy mouth is a vital part of comfort and overall health, so we’re eager to make sure we are getting this right. We want to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to overall oral health. We are proud to receive the Lifelong Smiles accreditation.

Last week, Merryfield Nursing Care Home participated in the Lifelong Smiles Award 2017, which was commissioned by Oxfordshire County Council. This week of training and support informed our staff how they can improve and maintain the oral health of our residents.

The week included games of bingo in which staff, residents and families were awarded healthy snacks, as well as the opportunity to discuss how we can incorporate snacks that are good for oral health into our menus.   There was also a board game with visual aids, where residents had to guess the amount of sugar in various drink bottles.

We’ll be building on the things that we learnt. Almost all of our staff took part in the training, which means we’re clued up on oral health across all departments within the care home. And, since our residents particularly liked the healthy snacks they received as prizes when we played bingo, we’ll be carrying on making these available whenever they’re feeling a bit peckish and updating individual care plans.

We’re sure our residents and their families will remain partial to the odd piece of chocolate, and we’ll be happy to provide it but we feel that this training had an impact on everyone. In the future, we’re sure everyone will make choices that are beneficial for oral health.

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