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Life at Peverel Court Care is settling. We feel cautiously optimistic that the greatest challenges are behind us and we can start to turn our attention to the future.

The number of symptomatic cases across the group is now very small indeed, our processes working to help curb any spread, staffing robust and in some cases even healthier as we draw on the larger pool of available candidates.

Whilst we have remained well stocked on PPE throughout, Government offerings on both PPE and testing is now much more plentiful, albeit still not quite ideal but nonetheless cause for encouragement.

We have also been conducting due diligence on several commercially available anti-body tests, with our first clinic being trialled on staff in one Home on May 11th. The Government are also trialling a ‘track and trace’ app in the Isle of Wight which may in time prove very useful for us. All these developments bode well for the future.

The rise, peak and fall in symptomatic residents seems to have lasted just a few weeks and all does now thankfully look reassuringly normal.

Of course this does not mean we will become complacent, indeed there is much to be learnt from recent events. All processes designed to keep us safe are still in place and being practiced wherever necessary. Furthermore we are acutely aware of the need to protect our residents and staff on an ongoing basis, whilst ensuring quality of life, being respectful of the need for practical living and implementing methods that are both sustainable and effective at the same time.

We have secured the services of several products and contractors designed to do just this, a full list of which can be viewed here – ‘additional precautions’.

We appreciate this will have been a particularly anxious time for our families and can only apologise for some of the inconvenient but necessary restrictions. We will await Government guidelines on how the current lockdown will be changed or loosened and will of course act in accordance. We remain incredibly thankful for the patience and support given by all our relatives and their families and will be looking to safely return to some semblance of further normality as soon as possible. We will keep you updated and will hopefully have more information for you by the beginning of next week.

Staying in touch

We appreciate that this may be a difficult time for families unable to be in close personal contact with their loved ones. We will do all we can to keep families informed via our IT platforms and telephone. Please do contact the Home should you wish to, as we remain fully contactable and will do what we can to facilitate regular remote communications, including by video.

Life at home

Albeit visits from the local community and external entertainment are cancelled for the foreseeable future, our team of activities coordinators and carers are doing a great job in ensuring life in our services remains as comfortable and sociable as possible. Please visit our Facebook page for the latest updates on activities in the Home. We of course ensure that vital medical visits are still made whenever required.

Merryfield, Safeguarding

Merryfield House Nursing Home receives excellent review

We’re delighted to announce that Merryfield Nursing Home has received an excellent review of our services after an inspection by Oxfordshire County Council.

The Monitoring Officer, who uses a traffic light system to rate care homes in the area on the quality of the services provided, marked Merryfield House as green, the best possible, across every single one of their monitored categories. These include ‘Safeguarding’, ‘Leadership and Management’ and ‘Health and Safety’.

Though it’s vital that we are performing well under every single category, we were most pleased at the comments we received about the personalisation of our care.

At Peverel Court Care, we recognise that every one of the people we care for is different. Whilst some of them like to be social and join in activities, others do not. Some like to watch TV in communal rooms, others like to read quietly in their bedrooms or watch their television in private. This means that people should not be receiving the exact same care package, because to give the best care we should be tailoring their care to their own personal preferences.

We work hard in all of our care homes to make sure that our staff recognise the importance of personalisation for all of our residents. It’s something that we promote from the induction of new staff, and that everyone must take responsibility for – from frontline care staff up through to management. For example, if someone we care for has a nickname they prefer, we expect everyone who works in our home to address this resident by their chosen name. These little touches mean the world to people. Nobody wants to feel like a number.

We were happy to see that Oxfordshire County Council recognised the work we put into personalisation. They noted our ‘My Story’ documents, which contain detailed information about our residents and their childhood, their social interests and religious beliefs – even their preferred appearance. This information helps us to make sure our residents are living their lives as they would want to if they were in their own homes. Where possible, we accommodate everyone’s wishes. For example, if we know a lady likes having her hair cut in a certain way, but she reaches a point where she can’t communicate this as well because of dementia or Alzheimer’s, we can refer to these notes and make sure the lady is happy.

On the day the Monitoring Officer from Oxfordshire County Council attended Merryfield House, our Activities Coordinator was taking part in a morning activity of reminiscence with some of our residents. This involves selecting props personal to individuals and their past, then discussing these items in a group. This exercise is a great stimulation for our residents, who enjoy telling each other tales from their past as much as they enjoy listening to one another. The Monitoring Officer was moved enough by this activity to mention it in her report.

Operating a safe and comfortable care home takes a lot of work from lots of people. The lives of individuals are in our hands. Allowing officials into our grounds is a scary but exhilarating experience. For us, it’s a chance to show the officials the excellent care that we are providing, as well as the happiness of our residents and our staff.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the management and staff of Merryfield House Nursing Home for their outstanding work.

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