Personalisation and its importance in delivering excellence in care

We spend our whole lives developing as individuals. It takes years for us to learn who we truly are, what we like and what we don’t like.
When we’re older and we’re relying on care and support, most of us will express a wish to keep our individuality.

At Peverel Court Care, we know it’s important to deliver services that allow our residents to carry on being the unique, special and one-of-a-kind individuals they’ve been their whole lives.

We do a number of things to make sure that this happens for every person we care for.

Personal care plans
Just meeting the immediate needs of our residents is not enough. Every person we give support to has an individual care plan, which we use to tailor our care to their specific needs.

The plan gives us general information about medication and physical mobility issues, whilst also gathering extra details that allow us to add personalised touches to the care they receive.

We want to know a range of additional information, like what people like to eat and drink, how many hours they like to sleep and if they like to take a nap in the afternoons. We also ask to hear about any social or emotional needs they may have, so that we can give them everything they need to feel safe, secure and comfortable.

Knowing this information about our residents means that we’re able to offer a truly personalised care package.

Personal attentiveness
As part of our care plans, we deliver a personal attentiveness that we’re very proud of. We might learn from a care plan that a resident prefers their hair brushing in a certain way, but that they struggle with mobility. When this is the case, our staff will go out of their way to make sure that residents are happy.

Beverley, who has worked at Peverel Court Care as Senior Care Lead for 9 years, says that this personal attentiveness has a tremendous effect.

“Seeing residents smile when I say hello, or even at the gentle touch of a hand, makes every day worthwhile. They trust, they laugh, they smile, they cry, they are individuals and we are there to protect and care for them. What better job is there?”

She says it is this approach to care that makes residents content and happy.

“A smile costs nothing. Residents have confidence in themselves and sometimes even begin to do things independently.”

Personalised care is the heart of our service
The personalisation of the service we provide is one of our main priorities at Peverel Court Care. No one person is the same. Providing excellent processes and procedures is not enough, the way we look after everyone who lives with us must be tailored to the personal needs of the individual. That way, we can give our residents the sense of importance and belonging they deserve. This high quality, person-centred care is at the heart of what we do.

Stone House

Stone House: from scouting movement to elderly care

Stone houseThe spectacular Stone House in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, is renowned for its aesthetically landscaped gardens and comforting architecture.

Stone House and Baden-Powell

Stone House was constructed in 1862 as a country house. Even during the 19th century, it was a mesmerising construction, with its lush, sprawling lawns and trees dotting the landscape. Located at Bishopstone Road, Stone House was home to Lord Baden-Powell, the pioneer of the scouting movement.

Born in 1857, Robert Baden-Powell became a hero during the Boer War, when he defended Mafeking, a small town near Johannesburg, for 217 days against more than 7,000 Boers. It was during this war that Baden-Powell developed the idea for boy scouts. During the siege, he had organised the boys into a Mafeking Cadet Corps to handle smaller tasks and chores around the town.

He penned several books and papers to talk about his vision of creating the scouting movement. In 1910, he resigned from the Army and formed a committee for the scouting movement. The movement became so popular that it spread to other countries, including Russia, the West Indies, South America and Canada.

The interest in the movement was not limited to boys. Even girls registered for it. Baden-Powell convinced Agnes Baden-Powell, his sister, to organise a separate girls’ movement, which he christened Girl Guides.

Stone House today

Stone House today is a residential nursing home that houses 35 residents. It sits on four acres of beautiful, lush grounds dotted with trees and manicured lawns. It provides around-the-clock nursing care that is tailored to meet the needs of the residents.

While the original architecture has stayed untouched, a few changes have been incorporated in Stone House to comfortably accommodate the needs of the residents. It boasts a relaxing and well-furnished conservatory that offers awe-inspiring views of the grounds. The ensuite bedrooms are tastefully furnished and decorated, and overlook the grounds.

We invite you to visit Stone House and sit with our residents, who love to talk about the history of the house. Once you walk into Stone House, you will realise that we truly believe in exceptional elderly care.


Fiddle cushions create positive experience for Merryfield residents with dementia

Fiddle CushionPeverel Court Care has always given the utmost importance to personalised and exceptional elderly care. Our homes take into consideration the individual needs of residents and personalise the care based on those needs.

Creating a safe haven for residents with dementia

Residents with dementia need specialised care, and we are proud to say that Peverel Court Care staff have the training, knowledge and expertise to offer superior care to such residents.

We realise dementia patients tend to get agitated and anxious at times. It is imperative they calm down for their own safety and others around them. That is why Merryfield Nursing Home has introduced colourful multi-sensory activity cushions known as fiddle cushions.

Fiddle cushions to the rescue

A fiddle cushion offers sensory experience along with activity engagement for fidgety and restless dementia patients. The cushion has a number of objects, such as belt buckles, ribbons, bows, buttoned or Velcroed flaps with pictures, beads on a cord, functional zippers and clothes pegs. These objects are securely fastened with the help of machine stitching or strong crochet cotton. The cushions come in a range of colours, designs and themes.

Trials in care homes have shown that fiddle cushions have the uncanny ability to calm agitated and anxious dementia patients and keep them engaged. One trial also used the cushions to prevent residents from wandering off.

Customised fiddle cushions in Merryfield Nursing Home

Many residents in Merryfield Nursing Home have personalised fiddle cushions that keep them calm and relaxed. One resident loves watches and owls, so her cushion has a few watches along with an owl. Other residents have materials in different textures, zippers and buttons.

As residents manipulate the objects on the cushions, it helps them calm down and diverts their attention by keeping them busy.

Exceptional elderly care is the hallmark of Peverel Court Care, and with the introduction of fiddle cushions in our homes, we have taken our level of care a notch higher.

Stone House

Peverel Court Care offers the most exceptional elderly care in exclusive settings

Bartletts_Back-When elderly parents are unable to take care of themselves and require assistance in day-to-day living activities, it can be very painful and stressful. Thankfully, you never have to worry about your elderly loved one because you can trust and rely on Peverel Court Care to take care of your loved one the way you would.

The glorious history of Peverel Court Care

We have been offering exceptional elderly care since 1986, when Peverel Court Care acquired Stone House Nursing Home. This started our journey into creating a compassionate and caring facility for the elderly. It didn’t take long for Stone House to set the benchmark in elderly care. Our idyllic settings and personalised care played a huge role in bringing Peverel Court Care to the forefront of elderly care assistance and residential facilities.

Following the success of Stone House, Merryfield Nursing Home was added to our portfolio, enabling Peverel Court Care to set the standard in nursing care in Oxfordshire. Today, Bartlett’s Residential Home is also part of our group, which has passed on to the second generation.

The founder’s son has been steering the ship since 2000 and has the same passion and dedication as the founder. Peverel Court Care continues to add more facilities and accommodation whilst making sure superior care standards are always maintained.

What Sets Peverel Court Care Apart?

Peverel Court Care believes in creating a caring, compassionate, dignified, and aesthetically pleasing environment for our residents, who have made immense contributions to our society and local communities. We are different and unique because:

  • We have an excellent reputation with the local and national inspectorate
  • Our home managers, who are registered nurses, have been with us for decades and believe in our ethos and core vision
  • Our homes are well-equipped and our staff are highly trained and qualified to meet the needs of our residents
  • We are committed to staff development and training and a work-life balance that gives a boost to our staff retention endeavours
  • Peverel Court Care offers personalised elderly care in rejuvenating, historic, and spellbinding settings
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