Bartlett’s Residential Care Home residents celebrated the joy of giving with @DementiaUK

Five Pomeranian Puppies Celebrating a BirthdayResidents of Bartlett’s Residential Care Home heralded the Christmas season early this year. The festivities and events at the home started on 7 December 2015 and finished on 18 December 2015, with an afternoon session of making mince pie pillows. Every single day was divided into morning and evening sessions so that the residents did not get tired and exhausted with the vast array of activities lined up for them.

Fun and excitement

This Christmas season, Tuesday mornings were dedicated to hairdressing and manicures, which helped our residents get ready for the events and also feel good about themselves. However, that is not all: residents also enjoyed chair-based exercises, participated in Christmas bazaars and painting sessions, and took part in quizzes and sing-alongs.

On 7 December, from 2pm, the residents were treated to a performance by Mike Gee, who is an accomplished comedian, vocalist and impressionist. We also made arrangements for Holy Communion for residents who wanted to partake in this religious sacrament. This was scheduled on 9 December.

We even had programmes to spur creativity amongst our residents. On 12 and 13 December, residents were involved in the art club and also made strawberry Santas. On 16 December, the residents were busy curbing their excitement to colour Christmas pictures while waiting for Father Christmas to make an appearance at Bartlett’s. The following day, the residents were entertained by @stoneCofEschool, who sang Christmas Carols in the morning. Many of our residents joined in, and everyone had a wonderful time.

The joy of giving

While the residents of Bartlett’s Residential Care Home enjoyed the fun-filled Christmas activities, they also decided to do something for the community. We are proud to say our residents made Christmas cards by hand, which were then sold to the local community. Proceeds from the sales were donated to @DementiaUK, which offers specialist one-to-one support and guidance to families dealing with a loved one diagnosed with dementia.

The residents from Bartlett’s Residential Care Home truly redefined the spirit of giving with their thoughtful gesture towards @DementiaUK.

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