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An Incredible CQC Rating For Merryfield House Nursing Home, Witney

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Merryfield House Nursing Home has been given a wonderful rating by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) after an unannounced inspection in October.

Unannounced inspections play a very important role in making sure the service provision that is seen is what is happening in the care home every day – not just on a day when everything has been prepared for an inspection. They are the best way to make sure that services are providing high-quality care to residents at all times.

We were visited in October 2017 by an inspector, who spoke to six residents of Merryfield and three family members. They also spoke to three relatives outside of the inspection time. They found our service to be ‘good’ across four inspection categories, finding us safe, effective, caring and well-led. We were rated ‘outstanding’ for our responsiveness.

In our report, we were praised by the inspector for showing a commitment to personalised care.

“The responsiveness of the service was outstanding. Care planning was fixed upon having the individual at the heart of their care. Relatives said support was extremely responsive because staff really understood the principles of outstanding personalised care. People were encouraged to pursue personal interests and hobbies and to access activities in the service and community. Changes in people’s needs were immediately recognised and appropriate; prompt action taken, including the involvement of external professionals where necessary. People were encouraged to raise any complaints or concerns and were given opportunities to do so.” 

At Peverel Court Care we are dedicated to providing personalised care and we are thrilled that this came across in our most recent inspection. When people come to live with us we invest a lot of time in pulling together personalised care plans to make sure that our residents have a high quality of life and are comfortable and happy.

Associate Director Preet Shergill said, “We are proud to say that we are surrounded by staff who constantly want to see Merryfield be the best we can be. They strive for continuous improvement, innovation and to provide exceptional elderly care. The very positive CQC inspection result is testament to the outstanding work of the Merryfield team, volunteers and the Witney community”.

We would like to extend our congratulations and thanks to our hardworking and dedicated Merryfield House Nursing Home team. We recognise that without their professionalism and commitment, this would not have been possible.

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From Family Home To Nursing Care – Merryfield House

Merryfield House Has Been Providing Comfortable Lodgings In Witney Since 1927.

Peverel Court Care is a longstanding family business. With three sites across Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire, we have a reputation for providing first class, high quality care.

Long before we turned our grounds into the functional care facilities they are now, these buildings already stood upon them. Merryfield Nursing Care Home is an impressive 94 years old.

The smallest of our residences, the building was originally constructed as a manor house. It has been sitting within the Witney community for nine decades. Originally called Merryfield House, the building was commissioned by Sidney Smith for the sum of £6,000, an impressive figure in the 1920s. It was architected by Oliver Hill, who was widely praised for the design of the building. Those involved said he was most concerned with how beautiful the building was, something that certainly shows. There are not many people who do not make a remark about how beautiful the Merryfield House building is when they first behold it.

In 1927, Sidney Smith and his wife Dorothy moved into the property. Who knows what the many walls of this stunning building have born witness to across all that time.

Built from strong stone and on solid ground, Merryfield stood the test of time, allowing us the privilege of turning it into a care facility in the year 1988. Since then, we’ve had the pleasure of hosting hundreds of residents with us here. It’s an honour to own the building and to be able to invest in it now as we head into the future.

Our residents and their families love Merryfield’s arched doorways, its grey stone walls and the incredible gardens it sits within, so it was really important to us that we were in keeping with the building and the grounds it sits on when we began planning our extension, which will be completed in 2018.

Despite our extension, Merryfield Nursing Care Home will still be the smallest of our residences with 24 beds, and we happen to like it this way. Recently the Care Quality Commission reported that smaller care homes were performing better in their inspections.

Andrea Sutcliffe, Chief Inspector of Adult Social Care at the CQC, told Care Home Professional, “We are seeing that the smaller and medium sized care homes are having much more positive ratings, in terms of Good or Outstanding, compared to the larger or very large services.”

And we can see why that might be. A smaller environment means that everyone knows one another. It increases social interaction and intimacy, and makes creating a family atmosphere and an environment that feels like a home much easier. This is something we strive towards at all three of our residences, and we know that it helps our residents to live fulfilling, happy and comfortable lives. One of our family members recently said that he is convinced that Merryfield’s was the reason his aunt made it to her 100th birthday.

“Without Merryfields caring staff and warm ambiance I doubt whether my aunt would have reached her 100th birthday. Needless to say, all the staff got together to give her a wonderful party with a delicious buffet, beautiful cake, singing, dancing and a gorgeous book of memorable photographs.”

This type of atmosphere was something we specified must always be at the heart of our property when we talked to our architects about investing in an extension on the grounds. The home must remain intimate, cosy and scenic.

We’ll have more information on our upcoming extension in the future, and hopefully there will many more careful adaptations made to our buildings and their grounds over the years, but always with careful consideration for the ambience and tone of our care homes. It’s important not just to our residents, but to Witney and to Oxfordshire, that we make sure this historical building is functional and atmospheric long into the future.

We plan on being here for a long time yet.

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