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Thinking of You

Thinking of You community campaign - Peverel Court Care


It’s at times like this when people want more than ever to spend precious time with family. Yet for the protection of all of our residents and employees, we’ve been forced to make the difficult decision to reduce visits to our homes.

For that reason, we wanted to create an initiative which would allow family, friends and the local community to demonstrate that they’re thinking about our residents and team members.


Thinking of You

So today we’re launching our “Thinking of You” campaign. For friends and family, you might be thinking of someone in particular, and your message may have personal meaning for them. For the local community, it could just be a show of appreciation for the hard work and dedication of our amazing team.

Whatever the reason, and whoever it’s for, we want you to document what you’re doing in your day-to-day lives during lockdown. We’d like to see photos, videos and written accounts doing whatever it is you’re doing that’s making you think of the people at Bartlett’s, Merryfield or Stone House.


Lockdown Activities

So whether you’re hard at work in the garden, painting, sewing, baking, home schooling or taking part in Joe Wick’s PE lessons, we want to see and hear your stories, which we can share with the residents to brighten their days.

And it’s not just family and friends of our residents and team that we want to respond. We’d love to hear from local school children, community groups and businesses across Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. So if you know of anyone who might like to join in, then please feel free to share.

We’ll share all of your stories with our residents, and the best ones will go on our Facebook page too.

Please send all submissions via email to:

Please note: this address will be monitored for the purpose of our Thinking of You campaign only, so for any other enquiries or requests, please go through the usual channels. If the message is for a specific resident or team member, please specify their name in the message. We’re also sending out a newsletter with regular updates during the outbreak, so please note on your email if you’d like to receive the newsletter, and we can add you to our list.

Whether Peverel Court Care are looking after one of your loved ones during this difficult time or not, then please try to help cheer everyone up and let them know that you’re thinking of them.


About Peverel Court Care

Peverel Court Care is a group of one residential and two nursing homes, located in Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire: Bartlett’s Residential Care Home and Stone House Nursing Home in Aylesbury, and Merryfield House Nursing Home in Witney. We are a long-standing family business, providing personalised care, delivered by talented and compassionate people, in exclusive and idyllic settings.

With happiness at the heart of our homes, we recognise and respect the contribution made by our residents to society during their lifetimes. Valued by residents and their families; our reputation, investment in each property, and approach to appointing and developing our staff makes each home unique and the benchmark in premium care.

Social Care & Society

Mental Health Awareness Week at Peverel Court Care #MHAW16


how_will_social_care_change_on_the_result_of _brexit

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and the theme for this year is ‘relationships’. say that the relationships we have with our family, friends and the community directly affect our mental health and wellbeing. For people who receive care and support, limited mobility, difficulty communicating and fear of discrimination or stigma can make forming and maintaining relationships difficult.

At Peverel Court Care we take the wellbeing of our residents very seriously. For us, a huge part of maintaining wellbeing is making sure that our residents have everything they need to have healthy minds, including meaningful and fulfilling relationships.

Our community

Promoting social inclusion and relationships with local communities is one of the Common Core Principles of social care. This is something we think Peverel Court Care excel at.

Our residents and staff frequently visit our surrounding areas to immerse themselves in local culture.

This year we’ve attended many community events, including Tipptoppling Wonka Hats at the Roald Dahl Museum and watching the play Tom at the Waterside Theatre.

We have a dedicated Activities Coordinator who arranges for our residents to take part in community events and, for those who would rather stay closer to home, makes social activities available inside our premises.

Activities in our homes

Sometimes our residents would prefer to find activities that they can enjoy close to their own suites. It might not be possible for them to leave the premises easily, or maybe they just don’t want to.

To make sure they still have every opportunity to socialise and become involved in things that are good for their mental health and wellbeing, we often bring activities inside our homes.

One of the ways we do this is through regular dance sessions, which is a proven way to calm dementia patients and forge social bonds.

We also give residents the opportunity to get involved in helping us maintain our beautiful gardens, or take part in drama therapy and Wii physiotherapy.

We know that the people who live with us have a range of personalities. Not everyone is going to like the same things, so we always have a range of activities available to make sure there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Our residents and staff

Peverel Court Care has a staff of exceptionally skilled and talented individuals, recruited for their excellent values and abilities.

The relationships our residents have with our care staff are extremely important. Staff are on the frontline, caring for our residents day-in and day-out.

That’s why we make sure our employees receive the highest quality training and support from us, so that they know how to form meaningful and trustful relationships with our residents.

Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental health is not something that we should only consider when we think about people who have particular mental health needs, but something that’s important for every single one of our residents. Many studies have shown that mental health and physical health are intrinsically linked.

The World Health Organisation say “there is no health without mental health.” If we are passionate about the wellbeing of our residents then we must take care of their minds.

You can join in the conversation about on Mental Health Awareness Week Twitter by using the hashtag #MHAW16.


Real life

Peverel Court Care believes in giving back to the community with @macmillancoffee

woman holding hot cup of coffee, with heart shape

Peverel Court Care believes in giving back to the community. It gives us an opportunity to make a genuine and lasting difference. Whilst we offer exceptional elderly care in our three homes, we also believe the community should benefit as a whole. We feel inspired and happy when we see the direct impact of our efforts.

Bonding over shared passion

Each of our homes participates in the popular @macmillancoffee mornings. It gives Peverel Court Care residents an opportunity to broaden their network and bond with people who share their passion. It lets our residents and staff interact with people from diverse backgrounds so that they can work towards a common goal.

Macmillan Coffee Mornings help raise funds for cancer support. Recently, Bartlett’s Residential Home participated in one of these mornings and raised £120 through the concerted efforts of the residents, community members and staff.

Strengthening the community

A strong community helps enhance the lives of individual community members. That is why Peverel Court Care recently joined forces with Lindengate, a Buckinghamshire-based charity. The charity offers specialised gardening activities to support the recovery of people with mental health needs.

We hope to collaborate with @lindengate in the coming year to improve the quality of life of the people in our local community, thereby helping to make the community stronger, safer and healthier.

Intangible rewards

Giving back helps us understand the needs of the community, and by using local resources, we can meet those needs. It also has mental and physical rewards. It makes our residents and staff happy to do something for others, thereby evoking positive emotions such as joy and optimism. By focusing on others, it eases stress and makes the giving back an enjoyable process.

Peverel Court Care is proud of its ability to give back to the community. By working for and with the community, we know Peverel Court Care is making a difference in the lives of people around us.

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