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Values based interviewing

Values based interviewing at Peverel Court Care


At Peverel Court Care, we are partnering with Skills for Care to embed values-based interviewing into the recruitment process across all of our care homes. This is part of a wider recruitment project, and underlines our commitment to a tried and tested method which helps enable us to demonstrate our core values in everything we do.


The underlying principle of taking a values-based approach to recruitment is to ensure a strong alignment between the culture and values of our business with the values and behaviours of potential members of staff. Utilising the well-established framework and processes of the values-based interviewing process gives us critical insight into whether a candidate is a good fit for our business and the values upon which we base our care service provision.


Values-based recruitment

Skills for Care describe values-based interviewing as:

Values-based recruitment is a values-based approach to the attraction, selection and induction of staff and volunteers which enables employers to understand an individual’s values, behaviours and motivations and assess whether they align with the values, culture and expectations of the individual or organisation.

There are five key steps involved in the successful implementation of a values-based approach, each of which plays a key part in attracting, selecting and embedding new employees to the business who will be a good fit for the values of the organisation. 

Skills for Care define these as:

  • Articulate – how the employer or organisation identifies what its values and associated behaviours are and crucially how it communicates and articulates these values and behaviours to potential and existing staff, volunteers and other stakeholders. 
  • Attract – how the employer or organisation uses its values and behaviours to target the sort of people they want to apply and to give those people a realistic preview of the culture, values and expectations of the employer in adverts, on their website and in other recruitment activities. 
  • Apply – how the employer or organisation designs its application process to ensure that candidates understand and can demonstrate the employer’s values and behaviours in the application process to encourage candidates to self-select themselves. It’s also how the employer focuses on shortlisting only those candidates who share the same values and who will fit with the culture. 
  • Assess – how the employer or organisation uses a range of selection tools including values interviews, role plays, client/person supported interactions and psychometric tests to assess whether candidates have the values, behaviours and attitudes that the employer is looking for. 
  • Assimilate – how the employer or organisation takes the information it discovers about new recruits through the assessment process and uses that information to inform the way in which the individual is inducted, supervised, trained and managed. It’s also how the employer sets clear expectations of all staff and volunteers about their behaviour in the workplace, ensuring people understand and role model that behaviour once recruited.


Our core values

Several years ago we invited all of our employees to complete a core values survey, where they were given the chance to rank a shortlist of suggested core values in the order which they felt was the closest match to the company they wanted Peverel Court Care to be.

The resulting values are different to those of many other organisations because they carry real weight. The entire business was involved in their creation, and they have been discussed and agreed by everyone across the organisation. This means they have total buy-in from top to bottom of the company.

Our chosen values are:

  • Resident Focus – Commitment to putting our residents first. We develop relationships that make a positive difference in our residents’ lives.
  • Passion – Care about our work and taking pride in what we do. Committed in heart and mind.
  • Integrity – We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all of our actions. Behaving with the highest levels of integrity is fundamental to who we are.
  • Service Quality – We provide an unsurpassed service that delivers exceptional care to our residents and their families.
  • Care For Our Communities – We serve and support a local experience. The unique character of each home is a direct reflection of a community’s people and culture.


Values-based interviewing

In line with the values-based recruitment process, at Peverel Court Care we are ensuring that our core values are a fundamental part of our recruitment process from start to finish. By ensuring that our values appear in our job adverts and role descriptions, we are facilitating a self-selection process amongst prospective applicants. 

We also utilise a number of values-based questions within our application process, re-enforcing the connection between the values we’re looking for in future employees and those by which we operate the business on a day-to-day basis.

During the interview process, we include a values-based interview, during which we’re able to further explore, and get examples of, the kinds of values which are inherent to the interviewee, and to measure how closely these align to those of the business.

Finally, as part of our onboarding and induction process, the values are further demonstrated both in terms of the standards and expectations that are communicated, but also in the way those delivering the induction exhibit the Peverel Court way of doing things.


About Peverel Court Care

Peverel Court Care is a group of one residential and two nursing homes, located in Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire: Bartlett’s Residential Care Home and Stone House Nursing Home in Aylesbury, and Merryfield House Nursing Home in Witney. We are a long-standing family business, providing exceptional, personalised care, delivered by talented and compassionate people, in exclusive and idyllic settings.

With happiness at the heart of our homes, we recognise and respect the contribution made by our residents to society during their lifetimes. Valued by residents and their families; our reputation, investment in each property, and approach to appointing and developing our staff makes each home unique and the benchmark in premium care.

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