Spreading health and happiness through quality meals

Elegant Dinner Setting Abstract Macro BackgroundPeverel Court Care takes personalised and exceptional elderly care very seriously. We believe our residents should be comfortable, happy and healthy. As a part of this endeavour, we provide our residents with healthy, delicious quality meals.

Exceptional meals for exceptional residents

We have qualified and experienced chefs who use fresh local produce to create a delicious choice of meals for our residents. The dishes are cooked in a hygienic manner and then served to residents, who are free to choose where they take their meals.

Our residents have the freedom to eat in the privacy of their rooms or enjoy eating in a social setting with other residents. We encourage family and friends to visit residents, who can enjoy meals in their company.

Quality and hygienic meals, always

Peverel Court Care cares about the quality of the ingredients and preparation process. This effort has won all of our care homes the maximum 5 Stars with the Scores on the Doors scheme, which is a food hygiene rating scheme.

The 5-star rating translates to “excellent” and endorses our belief on serving quality meals for optimal health and wellbeing.

Health through food

The UK recently celebrated National Breakfast Week from 24th to 30th January. During this week, Peverel Court Care focused on educating and reminding residents on the importance of eating breakfast.

Care UK states that glucose levels fall during the night, and the brain requires glucose to function optimally. Low glucose levels adversely affect cognitive abilities. Older people have reduced appetites and do not consume enough calories to stay healthy and well-nourished. Also, seniors with dementia tend to lose interest in eating and hence lose weight.

We make sure our residents get a healthy dose of necessary glucose, fibre and vitamins to kick-start their metabolism, and have enough energy to start their day on a positive note. Studies reveal that regular breakfast improves memory, and reduces the risk of obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.

At Peverel Court Care, exceptional elderly care begins with an appetising, nutritious breakfast and ends with a healthy and delicious supper.

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