Supermarket – key worker hours

Supermarket – key worker hours at Peverel court care

We will be issuing staff ID cards along with a supporting letter for staff to use at supermarkets and schools who question access.

We have tried to assemble the latest information from all of the major supermarket groups, and will be updating when we can, but have also provided links to their websites to allow you to check that the times provided are still correct.

At the bottom of the page, we have also included the supermarket discounts you can get by buying vouchers through Perkbox.



Sainsbury’s have introduced their dedicated shopping slot for NHS staff and social care workers, between 7:30am and 8am, Monday to Saturday.

A statement from Sainsbury’s said that anyone with an NHS ID would be allowed to shop during this time.

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Waitrose have said that “the first opening hour in our supermarkets will be dedicated to our elderly and vulnerable shoppers, as well as those who look after them.”

Waitrose also said that they would be giving NHS staff priority on their checkout service, to ensure that they can get their shopping done as quickly as possible.

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NHS staff will be allowed to do their shopping for an hour between 9am and 10am on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays upon displaying their NHS employee card.

This is only available at Tesco’s larger stores and not their Express stores.

A statement from the supermarket brand said: “We know that those working for the NHS may be finding it hard to find time to shop for their groceries at the moment.

“So, from this Sunday, we’re going to introduce a special hour in stores for NHS staff as a thank you for all they are doing.”

The statement also asked their customers to be respectful of this and to shop during usual opening hours.

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In Asda’s larger stores, priority access will be allotted to NHS workers every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8am to 9am.

Asda CEO, Roger Burnley, said: “We all have a clear responsibility to look after each other during this crisis, particularly our most vulnerable groups.

“I was heartened to see how our customers respected this priority access and am proud to be able to extend it to more regular days and also include our amazing NHS colleagues who can access our stores with a little more ease.”

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Morrisons will give NHS staff early access to their stores between 7am and 8am every day apart from Sundays, when NHS workers will be allowed in form 9am. It’s unclear whether this also applies to other key workers.

A statement from the supermarket chain said: “It is really important that we stick to this to help support out vital services at a time when they are going to need us the most.”

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NHS workers will be given priority access to M&S shelves on the first hour of Tuesday and Fridays.

The statement from M&S regarding checking ID’s said: “We will ask NHS and emergency services workers to show their staff passes or other relevant ID such as a Blue Light Card.

“Of course, in this unprecedented time our colleagues may not be able to always check ID and we’re relying on our customers to respect this request.”

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Aldi announced recently that they are introducing dedicated shopping times for Emergency Workers.

Aldi will open between 9:30am and 10am on Sundays (and 8:30am and 9am in Scotland) solely for key workers in the NHS, Police and Fire Service.

These customers will also take priority at checkouts when they open at 10am.

Entry to Aldi stores during this time is dependent on relevant ID.

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Lidl has not announced any dedicated shopping hours.

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Co-op have announced a special shopping hour for NHS staff, everyday for the first hour of trading. The dedicated hour is 8am to 9pm, Monday to Saturdays, and 10am to 11am on Sundays, in all stores. It won’t be closing off stores to other customers during these times, but said it’ll be prioritising NHS workers and vulnerable customers.

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