Respect at the heart of morale building at Peverel court care

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Respect at the heart of morale building. How it is an anchor to supporting carers with their levels of motivation and retention in their roles.

At Peverel Court Care, the individuals and teams across our three care homes are at the heart of our business. The service they provide to our residents daily. The warmth of hospitality our staff consistently delivers and the positive culture they create across each property.
Over the years, managers have always taken the well-being and happiness of staff into regular consideration. As an anchor to us, as a care provider, delivering the very best possible service to our residents. It is important to make staff feel valued in their jobs in roles that they enjoy and feel fulfilled.

Fundamental to this is respect being at the centre of our operations, for example, the benefits of each staff member treating one another with respect.

We apply some things in our mission to consistently deliver exceptional care.

  1. Provide positive recognition – Recognising carers who perform their job well and do it with a spirit of excellence is essential. Recognising staff members’ achievements through open or one-to-one praise assures individuals that their efforts are seen and appreciated.
  2. Listen and maintain open communication – Showing respect to carers includes regularly listening to their concerns and offering support. Invite feedback to ensure that you, as a manager, are doing your best to meet their needs and create an open, inclusive environment.
  3. Encourage autonomy and creative problem-solving – Empowering carers to solve their problems will boost morale and make them feel more respected and appreciated, mainly when their ideas and insights are considered and put into practice in the business. Staff then think they directly impact the quality of the day-to-day care delivered.
  4. Make their workplace meaningful – Workplace morale depends on a feeling of meaningfulness. Connect their job to larger, purpose-driven initiatives and set achievable goals to increase job satisfaction. An excellent example of this is carers being part of a highly respected healthcare workforce – across the UK by the public and their peers.
  5. Encourage professional development – Providing opportunities for carers to learn new skills and take on new challenges will keep them engaged and enthusiastic about their roles. At Peverel Court Care, we embrace a team member’s interests and hobbies by asking them to advise on ideas for activities for residents. Or plan and host events themselves.
  6. Create social opportunities – bolstering carers’ morale through camaraderie, encouraging carers to socialise and build relationships that support and sustain one another- for example, participating in a local activity together.

To learn more about what it is like to work for Peverel Court Care and our current job opportunities, visit our Work with Us page.

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About Peverel Court Care

Peverel Court Care is a group of one residential and two nursing homes, located in Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. Bartlett’s Residential Care Home and Stone House Nursing Home in Aylesbury, and Merryfield House Nursing Home in Witney. We are a long-standing family business. Providing exceptional, personalised care, delivered by talented and compassionate people, in exclusive and idyllic settings.

With happiness at the heart of our homes, we recognise and respect the contribution made by our residents to society during their lifetimes. Valued by residents and their families; our reputation, investment in each property, and approach to appointing and developing our staff makes each home unique and the benchmark in premium care.

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