Peverel Court Care scores outstanding rating in resident and relatives survey at Peverel court care

Five StarsPeverel Court Care prides itself in providing customised and exceptional elderly care. This is the reason we request our residents and their relatives to rate our three homes using the CQC criteria as a guideline. This survey is conducted every six months, and based on the feedback we receive, we try to incorporate changes to make sure our residents are comfortable, well cared for, and happy in our homes. We are always striving to improve our services in elderly care.

The survey results

We are delighted to announce that our homes have received an outstanding rating. Our survey has 22 questions. The survey participants rate each area of our service on a scale of 1 to 4, where 1 is Inadequate and 4 is Outstanding.

We, at Peverel Court Care, had set an overall target of 3.4 on the rating scale for each of our three homes. However, it is with a sense of pride and happiness that we inform you that for the 22 survey questions, we consistently scored more than 3.4. The collated results of the survey show our three homes – Bartlett’s Residential Home, Merryfield Nursing Home and Stone House Nursing Home – have secured an excellent rating.

Bartlett’s Residential Home scored an overall rating of 3.70, Merryfield Nursing Home 3.62, and Stone House Nursing Home 3.56. These results are evidence that Peverel Court Care takes exceptional elderly care very seriously.

Feedback matters

In a few survey results, our residents and relatives have pointed out areas of improvement. We have a transparent and open communication channel with our residents and take heed of the feedback that we receive. We will work hard to improve in the areas pointed out and are certain we will meet the expectations of our residents and their relatives by the time the next survey is due.

We thank our residents and their relatives for having faith in our ability to provide exceptional elderly care, and we will continue providing the high standards of elderly care that have become synonymous with Peverel Court Care.

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