Peverel Court Care: Giving Residents More than Bingo at Peverel court care

Active seniorsWhen an elderly person moves into a care home, it is important to address that one thing the person would feel lost without in a new setting. When a care home can meet that need, it has succeeded in delivering personalised and exceptional elderly care. Experts in elderly care understand that just having weekly sing-a-long or bingo sessions is insufficient as an activity plan for care home residents, and some parts of the industry – like Peverel Court Care – understands that too. These activities are not meaningful for all residents.

What Does Research Show?

A study by Glass et al, 1999, shows that social activities that are productive reduce the risk of mortality just like traditional fitness activities. The reasons for this are:

  • Improved sleep
  • Better appetite
  • Increased muscle strength
  • Enhanced joint strength

Leading the Way Forward

Peverel Court Care excels in providing exceptional elderly care in its three homes: Stone House Nursing Home, Merryfield Nursing Home, and Bartlett’s Residential Home. These historic homes are located in idyllic country settings, with expansive grounds and amenity-filled rooms that are tastefully decorated and offer complete privacy for residents.

Besides stately settings and high-quality care, we offer several recreational activities. Our residents can choose to participate in them or they enjoy being observers. As a part of our personalised care, we have regular armchair exercises, sing-a-long sessions, garden parties, bingo, leisurely walks and gardening. Residents have the freedom to watch their favourite television programmes in the privacy of their rooms. Those who enjoy crosswords have access to newspapers to keep their minds stimulated.

Daily activities are central to our residents’ care plans. This prevents undermining their social needs and wellbeing. In Merryfield Nursing Home, neighbours often drop by to discuss the history and architectural beauty of the home. We encourage these visits, as we believe our residents require more social interaction beyond the four walls in which they live.

Our emphasis on quality recreational activities has helped many residents physically, emotionally and mentally. This brings a sense of accomplishment, as we feel we have made a difference to residents’ lives in their golden years.

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