Perkbox – Online GP Service

Perkbox – Online GP Service at Peverel court care

Peverel Court Care have partnered with Perkbox Medical to provide you with 24/7 access to an online GP.

What is an online GP service?

An online GP service allows you to interact with a certified doctor, via app, or website from anywhere with internet, or wifi access. You can book an appointment and be seen within minutes, ask for advice, as well as receiving prescriptions and referrals, all at a time of your choosing.


How do online GP services work?

You can book an appointment, via the website or app and choose a time that best suits you. As online GPs are much more flexible, there is a larger, more practical window of time to book an appointment.

There is also enhanced flexibility when it comes to the appointment itself. If it’s a sensitive issue, you can select the gender of your doctor and you can also decide whether you’d prefer a telephone or video call. When the appointment is booked in, you’ll receive a reminder text message beforehand to ensure you’re ready for the call.

Once the consultation has taken place your doctor will decide the best course of treatment. If this involves a prescription it can be sent quickly via pdf within the app, which can then be easily downloaded and presented to a pharmacy.

Of course, there will be certain ailments that need to be examined, so if further examination is needed, or the diagnosis needs to be escalated, you’ll receive a referral to pass on to either a physical GP, or the respective medical practitioner


Online GP services

The biggest obstacle to seeing a GP is the limited hours you can book an appointment. However, with Perkbox Medical, you will have access to a GP service that runs 24/7, so you can book appointments, speak to a doctor and get prescriptions delivered anytime, anywhere. With 24/7 in-app support, you can manage your healthcare through an online platform.

Prescriptions to your door

It’s no secret that the NHS is struggling to keep up with the demand for doctor’s appointments. Patients are waiting an average of 13 days to get a GP appointment. Couple that with GP surgery opening hours confined to weekdays, and it becomes difficult for patients to get the help they need.

This is keenly felt with prescriptions that can be difficult to obtain due to these delays. These prescriptions are often essential in helping employees live normal day to day lives. With Perkbox Medical, staff will have access to prescriptions to their door, making their daily lives less stressful.


Booking an appointment

There’s no need to de-register from your current NHS GP. You can link your NHS records to give your doctor access ahead of the appointment. Unlike many providers, Perkbox Medical allow and encourage you to remain with your local NHS surgery while using our services.

Use when you travel as well!

Our GPs will provide advice on your next steps, or fit notes at no extra cost, making further treatment simple and accessible.

Activating your account is easy and only takes a few minutes – you should have received an email entitled “Welcome to Perkbox Medical” which provided access to register your account. If not, please contact the Perkbox Champion for your home, or speak to the Perkbox Customer Happiness team.

  • Live chat on your Perkbox app
  • Phone 0208 396 6812
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