Online learning

Online learning at Peverel court care

We’ve assembled a selection of free of charge training courses, which you could choose to take to keep yourself busy:

For kids and families:

  • Carol Vorderman – free math tuition for ages 4-12 –
  • Go Explore from CBeebies – The entire range of the BBC’s CBeebies apps will be getting heavy usage in the coming weeks, clearly. They’re all good, but this is the one focused on learning games, from phonics and geography to feelings and self-care, all based on the parent channel’s shows and characters. Free from: Android/Apple/Amazon
  • Khan Academy Kids – Khan Academy is a free collection of education courses for all ages, but it has an app specifically for two to seven-year-old children that focuses on maths, reading and social and emotional skills. It has a large and growing archive of learning videos, digital books and simple but engaging exercises. Free from: Android/Apple/Amazon
  • YouTube Kids – YouTube has worked hard to make its official children’s app something parents can trust. It includes a dedicated learning category collecting great videos about science, nature, space and other topics. Free from: Android/Apple
  • ScratchJr – Scratch is the programming environment that a lot of children will be familiar with already from school. ScratchJr is an app version designed for five to seven-year-olds, although older children can have fun with it, too. It uses coding blocks to create programs for games, animation, music and other creative tasks. Free from: Android/Apple/Amazon
  • Google Arts & Culture – Field trips and museum visits may be out of bounds for a while, but Google’s Arts & Culture app at least has virtual tours of more than 1,200 museums and galleries. Children can look and read as well as curate their own lists of favourite artworks to share. Free from: Android/Apple
  • TED – The TED talks archives are a wonderful repository of brain food for all ages – older children included. Search for history, science, nature – anything – and see what comes up. The talks are not all suitable for children, but many are. Free from: Android/Apple/Amazon
  • Swift Playgrounds – Swift is Apple’s own programming language, and Swift Playgrounds is its app for teaching people how to use it. It’s for adults as well as children, but it’s certainly accessible for the latter, with its lessons presented as coding puzzles that will give people the skills needed to start making their own apps and games. It’s on Apple’s iPad, but not (yet) its iPhone. Free from: Apple

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