Mortimer Alpacas – Bartlett’s Residential Care Home at Peverel court care

The benefits of Animal Therapy in Care Homes


Improving the quality of life for our residents is our core commitment. As care specialists, Peverel Court Care know how much of a positive effect animal therapy can have on those living with dementia. That’s why we welcomed a visit from Mortimer Alpacas to Bartlett’s Residential Home. 

When visiting our homes, animals help improve the lives of our residents, including those living with dementia, by bettering motor skills, making them feel happier and lifted, encouraging interaction and also triggering reminiscing conversations. Animals can help break the barrier of isolation too often experienced by people with dementia symptoms. Not only do the animals themselves provide the solace and delight of companionship, engaging with pets is the perfect ice-breaker, leading to enhanced social interactions with people. 

Making invaluable connections and partnerships with organisations, such as Mortimer Alpacas, helps to enrich the lives of those residing with us, many of those living with dementia. Interaction with animals has well-documented benefits to older people mentally, emotionally and physically, by improving emotional, social and cognitive abilities. 


A family run business in the beautiful village of Mortimer, Berkshire. It has always been a dream of ours to run an alpaca business and we are fortunate enough to now make it a reality. 

We currently have 10 adorable young boys – George, Zippy, Bungle, Cappuccino, Rupert, Finley, Henry, Hugo, Pip and Truffle. All 10 have totally different personalities and each bring something unique to the experience. 

We have spent time with our alpacas to ensure that they have the right temperament for socialising with humans. Alpacas by nature, although curious, are very shy and not naturally forthcoming. Ours however, we have trained to come for hand feeding and enjoy time together around our guests! 


Residents at Bartlett’s received a surprise visit from two friendly alpacas! They were met with gasps and laughter when they took a guided tour around the home. The alpacas were led into the lounge, where they were lavished with affection by residents. It was wonderful to see the look on everyone’s face when they arrived. Most residents needed little encouragement to engage and ask questions during this visit. The alpacas, Finley and Hugo, are comfortable in the lift, so residents on different floors didn’t miss out on their visit. 

Meeting the alpacas was a new experience for all of the residents and, for some, brought back memories of their own pets. Providing activities to evoke memories and reflection helps to give residents a feeling of security and comfort but Bartlett’s is also keen to create new memories and opportunities for residents, enabling them to live stimulating and fulfilling lives. While moving into our homes is a new chapter for them, ensuring that our residents feel like they have a sense of purpose and like they are part of something special is so important. It was a memorable experience had by all! 


Resident – Janet:

What did you think of the experience? – “I couldn’t believe it when I saw them, they were so funny, they really made me laugh!”

Would you like to experience it again? – “Yes, absolutely, it was nice to have them at the home!” [laughing]

Resident – Rosemarie:

What did you think of the experience? “They were truly amazing, I love animals. I used to have a lot of pets!” 

Would you like to experience it again? “Yes, I would, their fur was so soft! They were very sweet”

Resident – Jill:

What did you think of the experience? “It was interesting, such a lovely surprise! [laughing] they were very soft and calm” 

Would you like to experience it again? “Yes, it was good, it’s lovely when the animals visit.”

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