Meeting Life, an intergenerational project


One Family’s Exodus, Summer 1940

Video 1: Summer 1940, the fateful day


Video 2: On route to La Rochelle


Video 3: Arriving in England


Philip meets Sebastian and Ava from Dunmow St Mary’s Primary School


Video 4: Philip, Sebastian and Ava with questions from Class 6

The Project

Learning from an individual’s experience of life is invaluable. Particularly when it involves young people hearing the stories of older adults and benefiting from their wisdom. Comprehending the vivid difference between life in the past and today can be enlightening for young people.

Intergenerational activities aim to bring people together from different generations. For example young people and those in later life. Connecting people in a purposeful and mutually beneficial way. To promote greater understanding and respect between generations and to learn from each other experiences.  

Listening, learning and respecting, through these types of projects, can help society and communities become more cohesive. 

Philip Lee Smith

Our 94-year-old resident, Philip Smith at Bartlett’s, tells his story of one family’s exodus from France in the summer of 1940, evacuating Paris and embarking on a 600-mile plus cycle trek and an onward trip to London.

Dunmow St Mary’s Primary School

Pupils from Dunmow St Mary’s Primary school, in Great Dunmow Essex, have been learning about the history of the second world war. After watching Philip’s story, we brought Philip and the schoolchildren together on a call allowing them to ask questions that their class had raised. Enabling these young people in society, to learn from those with first-hand experience of historic events.


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