How we attract and retain our talented carers is fundamental to our Homes. We have to connect with people and understand their values and beliefs, ensuring they are aligned with what we value and our approach to delivering high-quality care.


Our talented social care superstars are the bedrock of our Homes. Understanding everything from choosing the right people to join our team, their working environment and their professional development to their personal interests, contribute to the wider picture of delivering exceptional elderly care. In addition, understanding an individual’s personal circumstances also plays a part, be it their need to develop their language skills or being a single parent.


We take immense pride in the talent of our experienced management team. We continually invest in their development and are proud of the long-standing periods of service many of our management team have with us.


Our whole business is based on the the positive wellbeing of our residents and staff.
The environment in our homes, positive relationships, encouraging physical activity and positive mental health provide the foundations to wellness for all across Peverel Court Care.

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A friendly and positive daily welcome to residents, staff, family and friends is part of our foundation in delivering exceptional care. The basis of exceptional care starts with exceptional hospitality. Taking pride and interest in the fresh food we prepare each day enhances the work for our kitchen teams and makes the seasons come alive with conversation at meal times.

Service, dining, personalised accommodation and attractive facilities are the cornerstones to our hospitality. We also offer a remarkable private dining and extended family birthday party service overseen by a dedicated guest services coordinator.


At Peverel Court Care we believe being a part of our local community is essential to enriching the day-to-day experience for both our residents and staff. School visits, parish gatherings, local artist exhibitions, church services, events and use of local amenities all help to give both our residents and staff a real sense of belonging.

With plans for an on-site children’s nursery and village café at Bartlett’s, we look forward to being an even bigger part of our wonderful community.


Each property has facilities specific to the needs of its residents. All properties benefit from beautiful dining rooms with an on-site kitchen preparing fresh seasonal produce, eye catching landscaped gardens and terraces and a multitude of other facilities including hair salons, media suites and more.

My mother, who has dementia was very unhappy to leave her flat. Unfortunately her dementia was serious enough to not allow this. Within a few weeks of moving into Barlett's she was happily settled there. Recently she told me she was very lucky to be there. The staff are very friendly and supportive - we could not wish for a better place for her. Howard M (Son of Resident/Service User)
My mother has been in Barlett's Residential Home since October 2013. The care she receives there is fantastic. Her health has actually improved since she went there and she is 100 years old. The manager and staff are all well trained and give wonderful care to all the residents. I visit her often and although she has dementia she is able to tell me that she likes it there and how good they are to her. I cannot praise them enough because it gives me and others with a parent/friend in the home complete peace of mind. I would recommend Bartlett's Home to anyone who is looking for a first class care Jacky C (Daughter of Resident/Service User)
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