Good leaders and managers transform care at Peverel court care

Every member of our team is highly valued and essential to our day-to-day activity. They’ve helped us to build an impeccable reputation for delivering high quality care. Across our three sites, we have employed a team of highly skilled and attentive leaders and managers, whose job it is to guide and influence the rest of the staff. All of this is in place so that we can make sure that we’re providing safe, efficient and person-centred care.

Of all of the categories that the Care Quality Commission investigate when they inspect a care home, the ‘well-led’ category is the one that is most closely aligned with the other categories. Care homes with great leaders and managers get a higher rating in the well-led category, and care homes with a higher well-led rating tend to get a better rating overall. This is because leaders and managers are pivotal in the overall performance of a care team team. They directly influence the quality of care provided, which is exactly what the Care Quality Commission is there to inspect. At Peverel Court Care, we not only invest in our current leaders and managers, but in staff we know have the skill and aspiration to become leaders in the future.

In 2001, Mibell Hernandez began her career as a carer with us. We saw something in her immediately, so we assisted her with the adaptation process for overseas nurses so that she could acquire a nurses pin in the UK. From there, we funded a whole series of training for Mibell, both externally and internally, including the Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care. Mibell went on to become the Deputy Manager at Stone House Nursing Home, the Registered Manager at Merryfield Nursing Home and then the Registered Manager at Bartlett’s Residential Care Home.

We continue to invest in her. Mibell is a valued member of our team. She knows our organisation and our aims and ethos incredibly well, and this is what we want from our leaders and managers – people who know the exceptional care level we strive to provide and are dedicated to maintaining those standards. Because of this, we continue to invest in her development – we recently sent her on a course about successful people management and team leadership.

The elderly care sector is notorious with high staff turnover rates, but Mibell has been with us for fifteen years now. We have staff members working at all levels of our organisations who have been with us for many years. We pride ourselves on our staff retention rates, especially within our leadership and management teams. We know that the key to great care is a strong team headed by capable leaders and managers who are passionate about the organisation they work for. The best way to grow a team like that is to invest in your individuals, something we promise we’ll always do.

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