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Nobody likes to think about their own death, or the death of a loved one. Unfortunately it’s something that everyone will have to face one day.

Those living with us have the benefit of an excellent end of life care team, to ensure the process is as comfortable and pain free as possible. But these aren’t the only factors that need to be considered in the final weeks and days of someone’s life.

Dignity is important to everyone. It’s something most of us don’t give much thought to until we get older, because until that point most of us are the keepers of our own dignity. As we become more vulnerable, we rely on others to treat us with respect. In the final stages of our lives, when we might not be able to communicate our wishes properly, dignity is something we rely on other’s to allow us to retain.

At Peverel Court Care, we strive to provide some of the best end of life care in the country. Our staff are meticulously trained to care for people reaching the end of their life, working with local GPs, hospices and families to make sure our residents are comfortable, content and receiving the care they have asked for.

This outstanding end of life care starts with the ‘end of life care pathway’, in which our residents and their families depict how they would like to be cared for as their time draws near. As part of the individual care plans we construct for everyone who comes to live with us, we put together an ‘Advanced Wishes Document’, which contains detailed information about the wants and wishes of our residents in various situations. It means that we are delivering the care people expect even when they can no longer express their wishes.

We’re always looking to better ourselves and to move along with best practices, so we continue to seek the support of Jane Naismith, the Educational Lead at the Florence Nightingale Hospice. The nature of their work means their constantly improving their end of life care. We can learn much from them, and it is a relationship we value dearly.
We’re always trying to improve. Stone House recently purchased a new Syringe Driver for end of life pain relief and is in the process of introducing a Spirituality Care Plan for all residents.
But what matters to us the most is that the families of those who live with us are happy with the end of life care we give their loved one, and that they verify that our resident would have been comfortable and content with the care they received in their final few weeks or days. We’ll leave you with a quote from the family of a lady who lived with us for nine years and who recently passed away.
“We are so grateful to everyone who has looked after her with such loving care over the last nine years and for the dignity and respect shown in her final days.”

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