Adapting for the longer term

Adapting for the longer term at Peverel court care

We provide a wonderfully positive setting for your precious loved ones. Our elderly guests will experience a sense of wellbeing with calming reassurance, happy social interactions, creative activities, wholesome nutrition with plenty of fresh air and sunshine in the flourishing nature of our beautiful gardens and woodlands.

The safety and well-being of our residents is our utmost priority and this is has been brought into sharp focus with the recent pandemic. We believe that a family’s ability to visit their loved ones in care homes is of fundamental importance to maintaining that well-being. As such it is imperative that our Homes provide the right setting for this to take place and for residents to live their lives as they have known, now and in the future.

We have drawn on our wealth of experience, research and capabilities to ensure we offer a safe and pleasurable environment for all our residents and the changes we have made can remain for as long as they are needed.

Here are some of the key features to this provision:

– We use rigorous thrice weekly testing, conducted by newly appointed designated ‘testing coordinator’s, to ensure our staff are free of the virus and in turn prevent any spread of the virus.

– All residents and staff are offered a vaccine and we make every effort to ensure that every staff member has the vaccine before entering our employment. Very shortly, it may well be that vaccination is a national prerequisite to taking up employment in healthcare settings such as ours.

– We have infrared temperature monitors at all main entrances for staff and any visitors permitted into the Home.

– All contractors, visitors and visiting practitioners are tested with rapid lateral flow tests prior to entering the buildings.

– All bedrooms and communal areas are routinely disinfected using BioChem misting equipment.

– We have designated staff and equipment to facilitate visits within safe parameters and the mandate of any government guidance. All residents have dynamic risk assessments in place to mitigate risk of social isolation where visiting restrictions are unavoidable.

– Our Homes all utilise state of the art air purifiers to facilitate safer visiting.

– Significant investment in additional full time personnel to ensure we limit movement between healthcare settings, remain fully staffed and continue to provide safe and effective care. This includes additional maintenance, administration and housekeeping personnel to maintain our rigorous deep cleaning schedules, including deep cleaning of furniture, curtains, bedrooms and two hourly cleaning of transmission points, such as door handles, keypads and handrails. A robust recruitment and retention scheme ensures our success in this area.

– Well-established and successful supply chains, ensuring continuity of supply of all required Personal Protective Equipment.

– All staff receive advanced infection control training.

– Families can view our Homes remotely by virtual tour and video conference calls can be arranged with families if multiple parties wish to discuss residency with Home Managers. Where not desired or possible, face to face viewings can still be arranged with additional safety precautions taken.

– The Homes have invested significantly in digital infrastructure to ensure families can stay in touch regardless of circumstances. Superfast fibre broadband available for all residents and a dedicated guest network throughout. iPad tablets, FaceTime, Zoom and Skype access enable regular communication between residents and their relatives.

– We are progressing toward non-touch photo sensor lighting in all appropriate areas.

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