Additional Precautions

Additional Precautions at Peverel court care

We provide a wonderfully positive setting for your precious loved ones during this shielding phase. Our elderly guests will experience a sense of wellbeing with calming reassurance, happy social interactions, creative activities, wholesome nutrition with plenty of fresh air and sunshine in the flourishing nature of our beautiful gardens and woodlands.

In an effort to support families and their loved ones during the need for shielding we will be offering reduced rates for all short term respite care. Find out more

  • We use testing to improve safety. This currently means that any symptomatic resident and/or employee that requires testing will have access to it. This will enable us to know if the individual currently has the virus.
  • We also use ‘anti-body’ testing to build up a database of staff that are no longer infectious and can administer care safely to particularly vulnerable residents with suppressed immune systems or being shielded for any reason.
  • Where isolation care is required, we have a constant stock of Personal Protective Equipment, allowing carers to administer care safely and prevent the spread of infection. This includes gloves, eye protection, face masks and body protection.
  • All staff are trained in infection control including the safe and appropriate use and disposal of PPE. Other safety protocols include but are not limited to, designated carers for symptomatic residents, separation of all equipment, waste and laundry protocols.
  • We have rigorous deep cleaning schedules, including deep cleaning of furniture, curtains, bedrooms and two hourly cleaning of transmission points, such as door handles, keypads and handrails and weekly ‘fogging’ (spray disinfection) of communal areas and all bedrooms and corridors. This process keeps surfaces virus free for 7 day periods and kills any existing bacteria/virus
  • Capacity in the NHS has been successfully preserved and as such where a resident may need access to hospital for whatever reason, we are confident they’ll be able to access those services as normal.
  • Timely clinical intervention with daily observations monitoring of all residents where permitted or required
  • We have a robust recruitment and retention scheme. This has allowed us to remain fully staffed, providing continuity of safe and effective care.
  • Staff are screened daily before entering the building. We have infrared temperature monitors at all main entrances for staff and any visitors permitted into the Home
  • New admissions are risk assessed and tested where necessary prior to admission, screened on arrival for symptoms and receive ‘shielded’ care by designated noninfectious carers for a period of 14 days prior to being able to access all the Homes facilities. Positive anti-body tests mitigate the need for this requirement.
  • Families can view by virtual tour and video conference calls can be arranged with families if multiple parties wish to discuss residency with Home Managers. Where not possible, viewings can be arranged under controlled situations although the use of PPE and screening will be required and viewers may not be able to access all parts of the Home.
  • Antibacterial/viral paint is used in all bedrooms for pending new admissions and we have undertaken a programme of redecorating all our premises using the same product which prevents viruses from staying active on surfaces.

Planned investments being considered for this year:

  1. UV robots to disinfect rooms and corridors in the longer term
  2. Copper plating all transmission points. Copper is widely used for its antibacterial and anti-viral properties
  3. All communal rooms, bathrooms and corridors will move to non-touch photo sensor lighting
  4. Focal Point vital signs

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