COVID-19 UPDATE at Peverel court care


The processes and protocols implemented by us at all our Homes to protect our residents from the COVID-19 outbreak are now well established. Along with some very significant restrictions on movements imposed by the Government this is all helping to keep cases down and in turn keep our residents safe.

Our employees are kept well informed of government advice for both the general public and for us as care home health workers. When not doing the essential work they do, the advice is to stay at home, only go out for groceries and exercise and only with members of their own household. They are aware to keep their physical distance from one another, being 2 metres and when at work be sure to follow all the protocols and processes we’ve implemented. This includes amongst other things, not wearing their uniforms outside the Homes and following stringent disinfecting and screening procedures when coming in and out of the Home. This is all critical to ensuring our safety and that of the public.

We would like to thank all relatives for respecting our advice to NOT visit unless absolutely necessary and to contact the Home first if they feel a visit is required, such that the appropriate risk mitigating measures can be taken. We would also ask relatives and their families to temporarily cease to send in gifts or items for their loved ones as it may only serve as another means for the COVID-19 virus to enter the Home.

Our employees are showing fantastic resilience and determination. We have always been proud of the Peverel Court Care team but now more so than ever.  Our processes and protocols are keeping us on top of this challenging time and we are doing all we can to keep it that way.


Staying in touch

We appreciate that this may be a difficult time for families unable to be in close personal contact with their loved ones. We will do all we can to keep families informed via our IT platforms and telephone. Please do contact the Home should you wish to, as we remain fully contactable and will do what we can to facilitate regular remote communications, including by video.


Life at home

Albeit visits from the local community and external entertainment are cancelled for the foreseeable future, our team of activities coordinators and carers are doing a great job in ensuring life in our services remains as comfortable and sociable as possible. Please visit our Facebook page for the latest updates on activities in the Home. We of course ensure that vital medical visits are still made whenever required.


Prospective new residents

Prospective clients are still able to make appointments to view the Homes and take up residency, albeit you will be asked a series of questions about any potential COVID-19 contagion to ensure we keep our residents safe. Please contact us to arrange a visit or to request a brochure for one of our homes.

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