Christmas cheer comes to Stone House Nursing Care Home at Peverel court care

Burning lanternResidents from Stone House Nursing Care Home eagerly waited for the Christmas festivities to begin. It was a wonderful sight to see them enthusiastically make tree decorations on December 1 and then spend the entire day decorating the tree. For everyone involved it was a day filled with laughter and joy, and we have to applaud the creativity of our residents – they came up with beautiful decorations that made the tree the highlight of the home.

Christmas cheer

After the tree was decorated, it was time to think about the goodies. So, in the afternoon on December 3, our residents were busy making a pie and the Christmas cake. Everyone pitched in to give their take on both the pie and the cake, and the end results were simply delicious.

Stone House Nursing Care Home residents love music, and that is why on December 8 they, along with the staff, enjoyed some Christmas singing, while a Christmas choir performed on December 10. We loved seeing our residents swaying and tapping their toes to the songs!

Our residents also participated in a Christmas quiz; their enthusiasm was infectious, with both staff and guests joining in and testing their knowledge.

The Christmas celebrations in Stone House Nursing Care Home will climax on December 21 with a special Christmas party for the residents, followed by Christmas cake decorating on December 23. On Christmas Eve there will be a Christmas sing-along in the morning followed by the screening of a Christmas film in the afternoon.

Tickled Pink comes to Stone House

For many our residents the brilliant performance by Tickled Pink Productions was the highlight of the Christmas festivities; it was extremely interactive and had our residents laughing with joy.

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