Cheese and Wine Tasting at Merryfield House Nursing Home at Peverel court care

Top-voted activity at Merryfield House Nursing Home


Activity helps to sustain both physical and mental health. It is important that people living in care homes are able to maintain their interests and have opportunities to develop new ones.


Erwan Gouiffes – Sommelier

“I have been a sommelier for over 20 years and have visited vineyards all over the world. This has enabled me to learn and perfect my wine knowledge and expertise and to meet people who have shared with me their passion for fine wine and the love of their terroir.


Residents benefit from social interaction and communication. Sharing their expertise and experiences which is enjoyable for them.

Time spent by our activity teams in discovering an individual’s passions can help them to find events which each resident would enjoy.


Residents – Katharine & Chris:

What did you think of the experience? Katharine: “it was lovely” Chris: “I happened to enjoy it yes”
Would you like to experience it again? Katharine: “yes, that would be nice” Chris: “yes, well I certainly wouldn’t say no” [laughing]

Resident – Janet:

What did you think of the experience? “It was very good [laughing] me and Charlie got to practice our French with the sommelier”
Would you like to experience it again? “Yes, why not!”

Erwan Gouiffes – Sommelier (Wine Not)

“I would like to say that I was able to share and express my passion during the wine tastings.
But even when the event finished, and I start a conversation with a few residents, I just want to take a seat, stay all day and discuss, to exchange, to share experiences, it was so rewarding.
Many thanks to all residents.”

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