The importance of staff training and development

Hand Drawn Staff Training on Green Chalkboard.As a part of our exceptional elderly care philosophy, Peverel Court Care has always given utmost importance to staff training and development. We go out of our way to attract and retain talented care staff, and we believe in giving our staff opportunities to boost their knowledge through training and development.

Peverel Court Care has a longstanding partnership with ACC to inspire and nurture staff. We have recently increased the collaboration with ACC so that our staff get an opportunity to learn and grow as carers rather than just going through the motions of training.

Collaboration redefined

Peverel Court Care acknowledges that it has wonderful staff members who are diligent and passionate about making a difference in the lives of our residents. We are highly committed to ensuring that each one of our residents has a superior Peverel Court Care experience.

Through our association with the ACC community, our staff are constantly inspired and encouraged to expand their knowledge base. ACC programs are designed for self-learning, and they help carers stay motivated to boost their knowledge using tools and support materials that the staff design themselves. This revolutionary and novel method of training and development has helped Peverel Court Care to consistently apply good care practices across its three homes and set a benchmark for care standards. This sense of community and commitment spurs constant learning, allowing Peverel Court Care staff to grow as professionals and individuals.

Encouraging learning

We know our staff are constantly on their toes, caring for our residents and also attending mandatory training sessions. To facilitate self-learning and make it more convenient for our staff to learn and grow, Peverel Court Care has opened a new purpose-built staff/training room, where our staff can imbibe new trends in elderly care and improve their existing knowledge and skills in a tranquil environment that promotes learning, development, and personal and professional growth.


Peverel Court Care scores outstanding rating in resident and relatives survey

Five StarsPeverel Court Care prides itself in providing customised and exceptional elderly care. This is the reason we request our residents and their relatives to rate our three homes using the CQC criteria as a guideline. This survey is conducted every six months, and based on the feedback we receive, we try to incorporate changes to make sure our residents are comfortable, well cared for, and happy in our homes. We are always striving to improve our services in elderly care.

The survey results

We are delighted to announce that our homes have received an outstanding rating. Our survey has 22 questions. The survey participants rate each area of our service on a scale of 1 to 4, where 1 is Inadequate and 4 is Outstanding.

We, at Peverel Court Care, had set an overall target of 3.4 on the rating scale for each of our three homes. However, it is with a sense of pride and happiness that we inform you that for the 22 survey questions, we consistently scored more than 3.4. The collated results of the survey show our three homes – Bartlett’s Residential Home, Merryfield Nursing Home and Stone House Nursing Home – have secured an excellent rating.

Bartlett’s Residential Home scored an overall rating of 3.70, Merryfield Nursing Home 3.62, and Stone House Nursing Home 3.56. These results are evidence that Peverel Court Care takes exceptional elderly care very seriously.

Feedback matters

In a few survey results, our residents and relatives have pointed out areas of improvement. We have a transparent and open communication channel with our residents and take heed of the feedback that we receive. We will work hard to improve in the areas pointed out and are certain we will meet the expectations of our residents and their relatives by the time the next survey is due.

We thank our residents and their relatives for having faith in our ability to provide exceptional elderly care, and we will continue providing the high standards of elderly care that have become synonymous with Peverel Court Care.


Peverel Court Care introduces national living wage for its employees

Money SwirlsPeverel Court Care’s motto has always been exceptional elderly care, and our employees play a vital role in making sure we accomplish the high standards we have set for ourselves.

Peverel Court Care believes its outstanding employees have been instrumental in our homes achieving an excellent rating from the Care Quality Commission. We have always been appreciative of our staff, and that is why we have introduced the national living wage for all employees regardless of their age.

National living wage

The national living wage was introduced by the government to move the UK from a high welfare, low wage, high tax society to a higher wage, lower welfare, lower tax society.

The new wage regulation mandates that, from April 1st 2016, all working individuals aged 25 and over will receive £7.20 per hour, with the national minimum wage continuing to apply to working individuals under the age of 25. This means those under the age of 25 will continue to earn £6.70 per hour, which is set to increase to £6.95 per hour from October 2016.

Appreciating Peverel Court Care staff

At Peverel Court Care we realise we are fortunate to have such wonderful teams in our three homes. To express our appreciation, we have decided to pay all our employees the national living wage. While a number of our staff members are paid more, now everybody, including staff members under 25 years of age, will receive at least the the national living wage; there will be no discrimination in wages for staff members aged 24 and under.

This is our way of thanking our staff and showing them we know they are highly dedicated and work hard to provide exceptional personalised elderly care and make our residents comfortable. Peverel Court Care invites you to visit our homes and mingle with our residents and staff, who are always welcoming and happy to spend time with visitors.


Peverel Court Care receives Top 20 Recommended Care Home Group 2016 award

Peverel Court Care is pleased to announce that it is the proud recipient of the Top 20 Recommended Care Home Group 2016 award in the Small Care Home Groups category. This award is instituted by carehome.co.uk to acknowledge the hard work and efforts of care homes. Receiving this prestigious award is a testimony to Peverel Court Care’s dedication to providing exceptional elderly care at all times.

The journey to nationwide recognition

The Top 20 Recommended Care Home Group award is based on more than 55,000 reviews and recommendations that carehome.co.uk receives from residents, and family and friends of residents. For the 2016 awards, reviews and recommendations from 15th February 2014 to 15th February 2016 were taken into account, along with the average rating and size of the care homes. Only care homes that are compliant with their regulatory authorities are considered for this highly esteemed award.

carehome.co.uk announced the award on 5th March 2016, and Peverel Court Care was one of the recipients of the Top 20 Recommended Small Care Home Groups 2016 awards. We are very proud to win this UK-wide recognised award that acknowledges and rewards the effort of our staff to provide exceptional-quality personalised elderly care to our residents.

Outstanding staff effort made the difference

Peverel Court Care’s compassionate and caring ethos has helped us create a personalised care setting for our residents. This philosophy also imbues the staff, whose diligence and commitment make sure our residents are happy, well cared for and comfortable, and receiving the care they need and deserve.

Our staff’s constant endeavours to create a caring and comfortable ambience along with customised care plans for each resident has helped Peverel Court Care set benchmarks in care standards. It is the combined efforts of our staff that has made it possible for Peverel Court Care to become one of the top recommended care home groups in the UK.


Peverel Court Care brings health and wellness with dance at its homes

Happy senior couple dancing latin american dance for funAt Peverel Court Care, you will notice our residents getting energised and rejuvenated during a dance session. Many visitors are amazed to see some of our frail-looking residents smiling, laughing and becoming animated when dance is a part of their daily activity.

There is ample scientific evidence to show that dance benefits the elderly, including those suffering from dementia.

Calms dementia patients

A researcher associated with the Dementia Research Centre in London conducted research on dancing and dementia. The researcher found that dancing not only calmed the patients but also improved mood and quality of life, and built stronger bonds between the patients and staff.

Fosters social interaction

Structured and regular dance sessions in care homes encourage social interaction. The sessions allow residents to mingle with one another and the staff. Researchers from Queen Margaret University state that dancing allows residents to explore their emotional difficulties using the movements of the dance.

Energises residents with limited mobility

Even residents who are frail and have limited mobility can benefit from dance sessions. When such residents participate in the activity, their posture changes and they come to life watching others enjoying themselves. If these residents are encouraged to move safely while seated, it can revitalise them and make them happy and lively.

Improves physical and emotional wellbeing

Care home residents enjoy improved emotional and physical wellbeing if they are encouraged to dance. The act of dancing improves and strengthens muscle tone and makes residents fitter. Dancing also improves brain function and allows dementia patients to express themselves without getting frustrated over finding the right words.

Peverel Court Care has always taken pride in its exceptional elderly care. As a part of this exceptional and customised elderly care, we promote and encourage dancing. We even invite external groups, such as Dance Café, to come to our homes and perform for and with our residents so that they can reap the benefits of dance.

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