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Smiles All Round At Our Oral Health Training Week

We’re always looking to improve the care we offer to our residents. In order to be the best, we know that we must continuously learn. We invest in training and development on a regular basis to ensure that our staff can deliver the best possible care.

Oral health is undoubtedly important. A clean and healthy mouth is a vital part of comfort and overall health, so we’re eager to make sure we are getting this right. We want to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to overall oral health. We are proud to receive the Lifelong Smiles accreditation.

Last week, Merryfield Nursing Care Home participated in the Lifelong Smiles Award 2017, which was commissioned by Oxfordshire County Council. This week of training and support informed our staff how they can improve and maintain the oral health of our residents.

The week included games of bingo in which staff, residents and families were awarded healthy snacks, as well as the opportunity to discuss how we can incorporate snacks that are good for oral health into our menus.   There was also a board game with visual aids, where residents had to guess the amount of sugar in various drink bottles.

We’ll be building on the things that we learnt. Almost all of our staff took part in the training, which means we’re clued up on oral health across all departments within the care home. And, since our residents particularly liked the healthy snacks they received as prizes when we played bingo, we’ll be carrying on making these available whenever they’re feeling a bit peckish and updating individual care plans.

We’re sure our residents and their families will remain partial to the odd piece of chocolate, and we’ll be happy to provide it but we feel that this training had an impact on everyone. In the future, we’re sure everyone will make choices that are beneficial for oral health.

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Residents and their families review Peverel Court Care

We’re lucky enough at Peverel Court Care that we receive positive reviews on a daily basis. The staff working in our three properties, Bartlett’s Residential Care Home, Stone House Nursing Care Home and Merrryfield Nursing Care Home, are told by residents and their families that they’re happy with the care we provide on a daily basis.

We’re recommended on carehome.co.uk with a rating of 9.7 and above. Our resident surveys, which are completed on a relatively frequent basis, rate us as outstanding. The experts agree too, you may have read recently that we received two excellent reviews, one from Oxfordshire County Council and another from the Care Quality Commission.

Of all of the reviews of our care we receive, we value those from our residents and their family members the most. We thought you might like to hear some of the words they have spoken about some of the most important aspects of our care.

The state of our homes

Everyone wants to live in a comfortable home – one that is clean and tidy, comfortable and attractive.

At Peverel Court Care, all of our rooms can be tailored to the individual tastes of their occupants. Our communal areas, like the lounges and the dining rooms, are dressed the very highest standards. Even the gardens are scenic and beautiful. In the next few months we’ll be renovating them with the input of our residents, who have been asked to tell us which parts of it they enjoy the most and what they would most like to see built in the grounds.

One of our residents recently said they felt as though they were in a restaurant every time they ate in our dining room, and a relative recently said that our homes are “spotlessly clean.”


Dignity is important to everyone. We all wish to be treat with it, especially when we are older and vulnerable.

A family member of one of our residents recently said of her uncle, “The care and attention and patience of the staff with all residents was very apparent. They are all treated with dignity and respect and their concerns listened to.”

Another said, “The patience of the staff, nursing care, and dignity with which the residents live I find humbling. An excellent care home and highly recommended.”

End of life care

We accept some people into our care in the very last stages of their lives. This is a troubling time for both residents and for the people who love them. It’s important that people have access to pain relief and care of a high quality during this time, to make the final stages of their lives as comfortable as possible.

One family member recently said of our end of life care, “Though his stay was brief, the nursing care, personal care and pastoral support that he received was excellent. Nothing was ever too much trouble for them. My desire that dad would be as pain free and as comfortable as possible in his final weeks were met.”

Happiness is key

One of our family members recently said of her uncle, “My uncle spent the last 3.5 years of his life here. He was very happy here and saw the staff and other residents as his family.”

People want happiness for themselves and for those they love. We want it for all of our residents. Nothing makes us happier than hearing that our residents are happy.

If we’re striving for happiness for our staff and happiness for our residents, then high quality care is happening. There is no other way to achieve it than to make sure that our staff and residents are content. We believe that our efforts towards happiness are the reason we receive reviews as positive as the ones you have read above. It is a theme running through all of the care we provide. It always has been, and it always will be.

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