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Spring has sprung

Enjoying the gardens during spring 2019 at Peverel Court Care


The arrival of spring and the benefits to our residents


With the recent spell of lovely warm weather, our residents have been taking the opportunity to get outside and explore the newly landscaped gardens of our homes.

At Peverel Court Care, we understand that creating and delivering individual care plans and maintaining a focus on resident well-being is a key part of the service we deliver, and providing time outdoors forms an intrinsic part of that.

Therefore, with the arrival of spring, it has been the perfect time for our residents to get outside to enjoy the warmth of the spring sunshine, to take in the fresh air, and to explore the new sights and smells of the plants and flowers in our idyllic grounds.

Even for those residents who aren’t so keen to get outside exploring, the natural light that pours into the rooms on our new wing provides them with similar benefits.


Benefits to resident health


But there’s more to getting our residents to spend time outdoors than meets the eye. In fact, there have been numerous rigorous scientific studies conducted, which have all concluded that there are a multitude of benefits for elderly care home residents when they get to enjoy time in an outdoor space.

Spending time out in the grounds allows them to get exercise in the fresh air. And particularly for elderly residents, research has shown that those who enjoyed as little as 10 or 15 minutes of activity a day, saw a significant improvement in their health. Furthermore, walking outdoors has been shown to reduce levels of stress, and to increase sociability, communication and self esteem, while there is also evidence that it can help to reduce cognitive decline.

Exposure to both daylight and sunlight while outdoors is also important; as sunlight provides us with Vitamin D, which is essential for building strong bones and muscle, while sunlight helps with regulating our body clock. So our residents don’t need to get too adventurous; even just having a cup of tea and a natter out in the garden has added benefits.


Enjoying spring flowers in the gardens at Peverel Court Care


Peverel Court Care – our idyllic settings


Part of what makes the experience of living at one of Peverel Court Care’s three care homes in Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire so special for our residents is the unique setting and location of each home. A perfect example is that of Bartlett’s, our Residential Care Home, which is set in over 18 acres of private tranquil parkland with exceptional views of The Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

As our homes are all set within such charming grounds, and because spending time outdoors offers such proven benefits to our residents, it’s not surprising that the arrival of spring this year has once again been greeted with smiles by our residents.


Taking a walk outdoors to enjoy spring sunshine at Peverel Court Care

Care Home Maintenance

The Magical Maintenance Teams Who Make It Happen

From an outside perspective it can look as though our team consists largely of our frontline care staff. They are the ones who are always around at the forefront of delivering consistently high standards of care.

But behind the scenes it takes a whole host of other individuals to make sure that Peverel Court Care can provide an incredible service to those we take care of.

We are not just talking about our wonderful management team or the chefs who cook in our kitchens, the cleaners who clean our premises and the wizards who tend our gardens; we’re also talking about our amazing maintenance teams. Like every cog in the Peverel Court Care machine, our maintenance crew is responsible for keeping our service running at an exceptional standard, whilst never shifting their focus away from the attention to detail we expect here.

This week we would like to introduce you to one of them.  Antonio Gomes, originally from Barcelos, Portugal, has worked at Peverel Court Care for 21 years. A keen footballer as a child, Antonio joined the youth team of FC Porto when he was 17 but left to complete his national service. We’re proud to have him as our Maintenance Manager in Stone House Nursing Home.

Antonio says, “I very much enjoy the interaction between myself, colleagues and the residents. Each day there are different challenges and jobs required, but I am able to interact with different people each day, and I very much enjoy that part of the role. It gives me great satisfactions to complete a task that helps a resident or relative.”

We often talk about strong team bonds at Peverel Court Care. We really feel as though our staff and residents are one big family. Antonio believes the same. Every year when he visits his family in Portugal he invites other staff members to travel with him.

“The teams have always been very supportive of me. When I first moved to England the management team helped me with accommodation. The owner even flew out to Portugal to attend my daughters christening.”

Antonio says he most often fixes things that are accidentally broken, such as pagers or electric beds.  He stresses that attention to details is extremely important for the safety of the residents we take care of.

“We make sure to follow strict health and safety guidelines. All of the maintenance team recently had a refresher health and safety training tailored specifically to maintenance teams from an external expert. All of the work we do is thoroughly inspected and certified where required. We also make sure to do the relevant safety checks on any external contractors we work with.”

Antonio and his team have to stick to a number of daily duties, whilst also being flexible around maintenance issues that may crop up. When we asked what an average day for him looks like, he said, “The first thing I do each morning is check the maintenance book. This is updated by staff on a daily basis with any urgent works required. Works are completed in priority of safety to residents at all times. When I have completed any urgent works I then continue with the allocated projects from the Directors. Each month we continue to work on larger projects in terms of refurbishment and upgrading areas of the home such as bedrooms and communal bathrooms.”

When we asked him what he would be doing if he wasn’t working for us, Antonio didn’t offer up an alternative career he’s lusting after. Instead he said, “If I wasn’t here then I may be back in Portugal, enjoying the sunshine and a glass of our local port!”

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