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Cinema Club – How We Are Meeting The Need

When Age UK asked older people with dementia what would improve their quality of life, the answers were relatively surprising.

There were some obvious ones of course, such as a quicker diagnosis and more support, but the emphasis was just as high on providing them with opportunities to take part in activities with the people that that they love. Activities they were always able to participate in easily before.

We know the importance of this at Peverel Court Care. We invest a lot of time and effort into creating activities and events that our residents can enjoy with their families. Our Annual Summer Party is an occasion enjoyed by all, and we regularly take our residents and their families into the local community – sometimes to watch films at the local cinema.

When we decided to expand Bartlett’s Residential Care Home, we saw this as the perfect opportunity to provide even more opportunity for good times, and we are doing this in a particularly special way. Since our residents enjoy watching films and visiting the cinema so much, we are building a dedicated cinema room on our premises.

Films are a glorious thing. They can be funny, entertaining or nostalgic. They have the capacity to improve the mood of a person – to leave a lasting impression or alter the way someone thinks or feels.

For people with dementia they are even more special. When people have lost some of their short-term memory, it’s important that they have the chance to revisit the old times. Whether that’s through watching films they remember they loved or revisiting eras they recall from when they were younger, we want to be able to offer this to our residents.

Families are welcome too, of course. There aren’t many people who don’t count visiting the cinema or watching movies amongst their hobbies. The local community and family members will be invited to special screenings in our cinema, and our residents will be allowed to choose which films we show. We hope that this will significantly enhance the quality of life those we give care and support to.

Our cinema is set to open in October and we can’t wait. There’ll be a theme to the evening, which we haven’t decided on yet. If you have any ideas, we would love to hear them. You can share them with us by emailing We look forward to hearing your suggestions and we’ll definitely consider the best ones!

Advice for Choosing Care

Choosing A Care Home

Choosing a care home can be a difficult task.  Often the family and friends of a person are hurried into looking for alternative residence for their families by some type of emergency. Maybe there was an incident, such as a fall or a similar accident, an illness, or maybe your loved one just very suddenly was no longer able to take care of themselves.

There is often a short amount of time in which to find loved ones suitable homes to live in. In light of this, we’d like to present the following tips to finding high quality care home accommodation in Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire.

Do Your Research

Your first port of call will most likely be the internet. Go to Google, or your preferred search engine, and look for care homes in your local area.

Check The Official Reviews

The Care Quality Commission is the social care governing body. They inspect all care homes and rate them from Inadequate right up to Outstanding. Visit their website and type in any of the care homes your are interested in and their ratings will appear. Care homes are rated across five categories; Safe, Effective, Caring, Responsive and Well-Led.

Check The Unofficial Reviews

There are lots of websites that allow family members and residents to rate the care they have received, so make sure you have a look at what other people are saying – and www.housingcare.orgare just two of these websites. You can search by location, so type in Buckinghamshire or Oxfordshire to find reviews of all of the care homes local to those areas.

Pay A Visit

How many time in your past have you relied on your instinct to make a decision and been proven right. It is incredibly important that you visit a care home you are considering for your loved one. If possible then take your friend or family member with you so that they can get a feel for the place. You’ll all get an instant vibe about the staff and the wellbeing and happiness of the other residents. It will also be a chance for you to check out how clean and tidy the place is and what the atmosphere is like.

Ask Those Who Know Best

Who know care homes best and can give you an unbiased view? People who are already using them, of course! Ask any of your friends and family who are utilising care for their advice. Reputation is common knowledge, so local people will have a great idea of the best places to find high quality care in Buckinghamshire or Oxfordshire.

Searching for a care home can often be a difficult time but there are resources out there to help you make the right decision. Following the steps above should make the process easier and decrease the chances of choosing incorrectly, but always bear in mind that you may find your loved one is better suited somewhere else even when you have used all of the methods of selection above. This isn’t something you should worry about. Keep looking and eventually you are certain to find them the perfect place.



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