@buckscc awards excellent rating to Bartlett’s Residential Care Home, Part One at Peverel court care

businessman pointing on sign rating starsBartlett’s Residential Care Home recently added another feather to its cap with the excellent rating awarded by Bucks County Council. The @buckscc monitoring officer visited the home and spoke to residents and staff.

Observations by @buckscc monitoring officer

The monitoring officer observed residents while taking a tour around the home. The officer noted the activities room was abuzz with activities, and residents and staff were interacting there.

There is a dedicated lounge in the new wing of the home, where residents were listening to music playing softly in the background; some residents were busy mingling with their family and friends. The @buckscc monitoring officer noted the communal areas had a relaxed ambience.

Another observation was that some residents preferred staying in their room, even though they were encouraged to socialise with other residents and visitors, and participate in activities. Such residents were provided with one-to-one time by the staff, and were allowed to choose an activity of their liking, such as having a book read to them, playing cards or just talking with the staff member.

Bartlett’s Residential Care Home arranges regular outings for residents, but the number of residents taken out at one time was dependent on the risk assessment and level of mobility of each resident.

Glowing feedback from residents

The @buckscc monitoring offer also spoke with residents, who praised the staff and the exceptional elderly care that Bartlett’s provides.

One resident told the officer she liked living at Bartlett’s and felt she was looked after well. She made a special mention about the staff; she said they were kind, helpful and always willing to offer support when required.

Another resident, who had recently moved to Bartlett’s, said she loved the home, and thought her bed was comfortable and her room was lovely. The resident felt the staff looked after her well, and she enjoyed participating in activities when she felt like it. Otherwise, she preferred staying in her room.

Exceptional elderly care is the hallmark of Bartlett’s Residential Care Home, and the @buckscc monitoring review and rating demonstrates this. We take pride in making sure our residents are happy and comfortable. However, we don’t forget our excellent and hardworking staff. Read Part Two to find out what the staff had to say to the monitoring officer about working at Bartlett’s.

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