Brush Party x Aylesbury Dynamos x Stone House Nursing Home Sponsorship Collaboration at Peverel court care


At Peverel Court Care we Care for our Communities, thus we are the proud sponsors of the Aylesbury Vale Dynamos Under 14’s Girls Football Team.

Intergenerational activities have been proven to energise older adults and give a sense of purpose, especially when they are sharing their experience and skills. Shared activities across generations can also reduce a sense of isolation for older adults and potentially relieve or lessen depression. We know that loneliness and depression are a big concern for today’s residents. By providing a way for residents to interact with younger generations, they afford the opportunity to build lasting relationships. Intergenerational activities can also help different age groups relate and value one another – reducing ageism, breaking down stereotypes and increasing empathy.

Art in care homes can provide many opportunities for residents to use their imagination, make connections and reminisce. Arts participation offers a chance for residents to express themselves, learn a new skill (or return to an old one), and form a stronger sense of personal identity that can sometimes be diminished in care.



Aylesbury Vale Dynamos Under 14’s Girls Football Team –

“Where painting gets social… it doesn’t matter if you have picked up a paint brush since school! A brush party is an unforgettable few hours of fun, friends and painting you’ll be talking about for weeks!”




Feedback from residents and the football team about Brush Party’s painting workshop was overwhelmingly positive, with all residents asking to participate in an activity like this again. With some gentle encouragement and inspiration from the girls, residents became lively and engaged in the workshop. They were guided through the session with tips and advice from the leading artists Mel and Sam. This provided a new experience for the residents and was a happy and expressive session that set a precedent for future collaborative activities at Stone House.

At Peverel Court we see how are arts have a positive impact on the resident’s emotional wellbeing every day. The arts bring joy and the ability to communicate feelings even when we can no longer communicate with words. We can use arts-based activities to crate a state of reminiscence which is why it is such a powerful tool within a care setting and fundamental in our day-to-day activities within a care home.




Resident – Sheila H:
What did you think of the experience? “It was lovely to have the girls help, I enjoy sitting in on the painting sessions but my wrists often ache, so it was good to have their help.”
Would you like to experience it again? “Yes, absolutely, it was great to meet the team.”

Resident – Heather W:
What did you think of the experience? “It was good, I relaxed while a member of the team showcased her painting skills.” [laughing] Would you like to experience it again? “Yes, I would, it was lovely to meet them all and be in the lounge.”

Resident – Jean L:
What did you think of the experience? “It was nice thank you, I enjoyed the conversation with Keira, the girl who helped me.”
Would you like to experience it again? “It was good to see the girls, yes, I would be interested in doing it again!”

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