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Cheese and Wine Tasting at Merryfield House Nursing Home

Top-voted activity at Merryfield House Nursing Home


Activity helps to sustain both physical and mental health. It is important that people living in care homes are able to maintain their interests and have opportunities to develop new ones.


Erwan Gouiffes – Sommelier

“I have been a sommelier for over 20 years and have visited vineyards all over the world. This has enabled me to learn and perfect my wine knowledge and expertise and to meet people who have shared with me their passion for fine wine and the love of their terroir.


Residents benefit from social interaction and communication. Sharing their expertise and experiences which is enjoyable for them.

Time spent by our activity teams in discovering an individual’s passions can help them to find events which each resident would enjoy.


Residents – Katharine & Chris:

What did you think of the experience? Katharine: “it was lovely” Chris: “I happened to enjoy it yes”
Would you like to experience it again? Katharine: “yes, that would be nice” Chris: “yes, well I certainly wouldn’t say no” [laughing]

Resident – Janet:

What did you think of the experience? “It was very good [laughing] me and Charlie got to practice our French with the sommelier”
Would you like to experience it again? “Yes, why not!”

Erwan Gouiffes – Sommelier (Wine Not)

“I would like to say that I was able to share and express my passion during the wine tastings.
But even when the event finished, and I start a conversation with a few residents, I just want to take a seat, stay all day and discuss, to exchange, to share experiences, it was so rewarding.
Many thanks to all residents.”

Tips & Advice

Tips for managing in hot weather


The summer here in Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire certainly does seem to be in full swing. Here at Peverel Court Care we are taking steps to best look after our elderly residents during this particularly hot period. We thought we would share some of what advice we found.

Heatwave: how to cope in hot weather – NHS Website

How to look after yourself in hot weather – BBC News Website

Tips for keeping cool in hot weather – Met Office

Beat the heat: staying safe in hot weather – GOV.UK

UK weather: Top tips to stay cool in the heat – including a trick used by the Royal Navy – Sky News

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Meet Philip and Wendy – Resident at Bartlett’s Care Home

I’m Wendy, this is my father Phillip.

I mean, nothing is this as pleasant as home, but I can find no fault here. The accommodation is very good, it is very clean and the garden is splendid, and a beautiful view. So I think you’d have to be a very difficult person to please, if you said that you weren’t very happy here. But I certainly am, it is very good. But it was nearest as we could get in the sense that, his home had a south-facing, an old cottage.

South-facing garden with a view of the Chilterns. So obviously, you used to visit. This is very good indeed, very nice, very quiet. Home from home, we didn’t have eighteen acres, it is very nice and this is familiar because I think long ago I’ve been up and walked up that hill.

You know, I think the church is that way anyway. I sleep well here, so I’ve always tended to sleep quite well, which is lucky. Some people don’t, you know. Why we chose here, father used to visit, when he lived in the village. One of the old ladies came here and he used to visit Elenor here and he told me about it. I’d actually spotted it, cause I used to drive to and fro. And yes, he used to say this beautiful place, this fantastic garden and everything and lovely rooms and that so it was always, obviously I googled it,
the sort of building, the quality building, the old building.

But then with the new, done in the similar style and the if you like the the absolute was the 18 acres of grounds. These beautiful grounds that my father could do as he was used to doing, sitting in a lovely garden and just looking at a fabulous view, enjoying the sun and he walks a lot, don’t you, darling? I do tend to, I don’t suffer from any lumbago or anything. So no, its, but I’m aware that one should have some exercise.

Wendy’s sister who sadly passed away, she was a botanist, so she knew anything and everything about flowers. And I don’t, you know, and I just like to see them. Yes, I don’t necessarily know what they are, but that doesn’t really matter. Not to me. And in the spring the area over there had all the violet’s. Oh yes, that’s right. Yes. And the snowdrops and roses. And that’s right. And then the bluebells.

I don’t think I would get lonely ever, as long as I had some books. I don’t, if you like, crave company. Sometimes I don’t, I wish there wasn’t company. You know, I’m probably not alone in that respect. Well, I don’t think it’s for if you don’t wish to do something, you’re not made to do it. You’re always invited to do the activities, aren’t you?

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Careers in Care – Meet Beverley

“Beverley Webb. I work at Bartlett’s residential home. I’ve been here for nine months as part of a promotion.

I was at Stone House, I worked at Stone House for 14 years. Still part of Peverel Court. I’ve always been a caring person. I’ve always thought, you know, I had what they say a calling. Yeah, so I worked my way up through the company, so I wanted to progress, my main aim was to be part of the management team.

That’s all I wanted to do really is to see the part of management side of it. So I did my assistant practitioner’s course in 2017-18, and I passed that with an apprenticeship as well. I was offered an opportunity at Bartlett’s, which I grabbed.

It is positive, yeah. People, they know what they’re here to do. We know we’re looking after vulnerable people. We’re here to support them. I love care planning. Yeah, I really enjoy that, I love the person centered approach.

I love to be able to sit and talk to a specific resident about, you know, what their wishes are, what they expect, what they used to do when they were younger. So it’s continuing with that in mind. Sitting with them, holding their hands, listening.

Taking them out for a walk. Just doing something for them, and if they’re not able to do something, it’s not a case of expecting them to do it. You’re there to assist them. Whatever difficulties they’re finding, then we’re there to help them to support them.

Success, for me is to going home, knowing that you’ve achieved something, knowing that you’ve made a difference to someone’s life, even if it’s just for a split second, putting a smile on someone’s face, knowing that you’ve made that little bit of a difference to someone’s day.

Do you know, I think we’ve got a very good, supportive network here, from the junior staff to the senior staff to the office management, to the manager even to the head office if you need, something there’s always someone there to give you support.

You get benefits. You get Perkbox, you get recognition, you have an employee of the quarter, which I’ve just been nominated and won which is really a great achievement, which I never expected. Lots of training, you can you can progress.

You’re not stagnant. You’re not in the same position if you want to go higher, which I did. If you work towards that, you can gain it with a lot of support”.


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