An inspection report to be proud of at Peverel court care

Providing care is serious. Our staff have lives in their hands. Because we’re looking after so many people, and because they are often extremely vulnerable, unable to communicate or raise an alarm, like all registered care and nursing homes, we have to be inspected.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) are the regulating body for care homes in England. It’s their job to visit all registered care homes on a regular basis and compile a comprehensive report, then rate this care home out of four over a series of categories. It’s these ratings that people should use when choosing care for themselves or their loved ones. A great rating should mean a thriving home. A bad one can result in your care home closing down.

We’re delighted to announce that a recent inspection at Stone House Nursing Home rated the care service ‘Good’ over every single category.

What’s nice about these reports is that we don’t just get to see our overall rating, but the report the inspector has written about us as well. This gives us an insight into how the inspector felt when they visited us and, we hope, how the friends and relatives of those we care for must feel as well. We were overwhelmed by the positive comments we received across all of the categories, which investigate if the service is safe, effective, caring, well-led and responsive.

The inspector spoke to our staff, residents and some friends and family who were visiting that day, and we couldn’t believe the final report. It was brimming with positive feedback from everyone.

Our residents

We were delighted by the comments of the people who live with us. After all, they’re who we are doing this for. Residents told inspectors that there was a large range of food and drink on offer and that they enjoyed our dining room. One is reported to have said, “The tables are always set in this beautiful dining room, I feel I’m eating in a special restaurant.”

They also commented on our activities, saying, “We have plenty to keep us occupied here.”

The inspector noted that we have a range of activities planned including quizzes, singing, word games, exercises and themed events, like our summer garden party and a celebration for the Queen’s birthday. When they visited they noted our staff spending time with our residents, and said they could tell our residents were enjoying this interaction.

We do everything we can to make sure those who live with us are happy and it’s wonderful to hear them tell a third party that they enjoy living with us very much.

Our relatives

When people need care, it’s often their relatives sourcing it for them. We know our families love their relatives fiercely. Concerned for their loved ones, they expect nothing but the best and will make sure they are getting it.

So we were happy to hear such positive feedback in the report from families. One said, “We moved here from another care home and the care here is absolutely fantastic and the team are outstanding.”

Another commented, “I visit most days and have absolutely no concerns about how my family member is cared for, the staff are brilliant, kind and caring.”

Our staff

Our staff received wonderful reviews from the residents, their families and from the inspector. People told the CQC that they are treated with dignity by our care workers and that their privacy is respected. A resident said, “All the staff here are so kind and nothing is too much trouble.”

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the staff working at Stone House Nursing Home for their incredible teamwork. The excellent results of this report would not be possible without them. We would also like to thank the residents and their families who made such humbling comments. We are immensely proud to be so highly rated and we sincerely enjoyed reading that you like spending time here with us as much as we enjoy having you all around.

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