Accolades from residents for Merryfield Nursing Home during CQC inspection at Peverel court care

hpXPUAJBpIzhsk_bWDZPadmqjd0NGSi4ZaPNtEPISJoWhen inspectors from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) came to inspect Merryfield Nursing Home in Oxfordshire, the feedback from residents and relatives was extremely reassuring. The inspection was carried out to rate the service, check the overall quality of the service, and determine whether the nursing home fulfilled the legal regulations mandated by the Health and Social Care Act 2008.

Uncompromising safety

Our residents informed the inspectors they felt safe and secure at Merryfield Nursing Home. Some of the wonderful comments residents had to say include:

  • “It’s a very safe place”
  • “I am very safe thank you”

Even relatives of residents said the nursing home maintained high safety levels:

  • “Safety is a priority at Merryfield”
  • “I have never been concerned people are unsafe, it’s a good home”
  • “No concerns whatsoever with regard to safety”

The detailed CQC inspection report concurs with the observations made by residents and their relatives.

Effective and efficient service

When queried about the Merryfield Nursing Home staff, residents said they were effective. Comments such as the following highlight our commitment to personalised and quality care and service:

  • “The staff understand what I need, they are effective yes”
  • “The staff understand my needs very well”
  • “The staff are excellent, they know what they are doing”
  • “Very knowledgeable, really happy with the staff”

The CQC reported that when a resident became anxious by the inspectors’ presence, Merryfield staff helped the resident calm down, revealing how caring our well-trained staff are.

Exceptional elderly care

Comments such as “The staff are very caring, lovely people”, “They are all angels every one of them”, “It’s just a very homely caring culture”, and “People are very well cared for both mentally and physically. They are treated with respect”, demonstrate the dedication Merryfield management and staff have towards exceptional elderly care and residential care.

At Merryfield Nursing Home, exceptional elderly care is an everyday affair. The CQC inspection report reaffirms Merryfield’s reputation for setting benchmarks for care standards. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our residents, relatives, and fantastic staff for making Merryfield such a pleasant place to live.

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