A visit from Green Ridge Academy pupils to Bartlett’s at Peverel court care


Benefits of Intergenerational Activities

As care specialists, improving the quality of life for our residents is our core commitment. Activity helps to sustain both physical and mental health. Intergenerational activities have been proven to energise older adults and give a sense of purpose, especially when they’re sharing their experience and skills. Shared activities across generations can also reduce a sense of isolation for older adults and potentially relieve or lessen depression. We know that loneliness and depression are a big concern for today’s residents. By providing a way for residents to interact with younger generations, they afford the opportunity to build lasting relationships. Intergenerational activities can also help different age groups relate and value one another – reducing ageism, breaking down stereotypes and increasing empathy.



Mr. Aaron Wanford – Head Teacher
Green Ridge Primary Academy

At Green Ridge we aim to provide an exciting, broad and engaging curriculum, which encourages our children to become confident and resilient life-long learners. We want our children not just to achieve, but to exceed expectations and attain the very best results they can, academically, creatively and personally. We offer a safe, nurturing and creative learning environment, which enables us to ensure our children are supported, challenged, inspired and motivated through a breadth of learning experiences and opportunities. We aim to develop trusting, strong and sustaining partnerships with families and the wider local community.

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Residents at Bartlett’s Residential Home, welcome pupils from Green Ridge Primary Academy as part of our programme to build intergenerational relationships.

Our residents are delighted to be visited by some of the pupils, and we have seen the engagement between our residents and the students growing each month. This is something we are really passionate about at Peverel Court, and we will continue to partner with local organisations in order to benefit our residents.

After the students sang a selection of songs from Bob Marley to their school hymns, they had an opportunity to have a juice and chat with the residents. Everyone had a lovely time, with residents clapping and cheering “bravo, bravo” as the students finished singing. Everyone was asking when they would be visiting again!

Providing activities to evoke memories and reflection helps to give residents a feeling of security and comfort but Bartlett’s is also keen to create new memories and opportunities for residents, enabling them to live stimulating and fulfilling lives. While moving into our homes is a new chapter for them, ensuring that our residents feel like they have a sense of purpose and like they are part of something special is so important.



Resident – Georgina R:

What did you think of the experience? – “They were so good! I was cheering and clapping bravo! I was very impressed!” [laughing]

Would you like to experience it again? – “Yes I would, it is lovely to see them.”

Resident – Janet F:

What did you think of the experience? – “They were a joy to watch! It was lovely for them to visit regularly, I really enjoyed it, bless them!”

Would you like to experience it again? – “Yes, definitely. They were very sweet, their singing was very good!”

Resident – Beryl C:

What did you think of the experience? – “They were lovely, I enjoyed meeting them today!”

Would you like to experience it again? – “Yes, I would, their singing was lovely, I even joined in on some of the songs!” [laughing]




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