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Residents design our brand new gardens

For the last few weeks we’ve been designing brand new gardens at Bartlett’s Residential Care Home. Our gardens are enjoyed regularly by our residents. Just a few weeks ago we hosted our annual summer parties and the gardens were full of residents, their families and our staff.

We’re lucky enough that our homes are situated in beautiful Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire countryside. The views are tranquil and spectacular, so it’s only right that our gardens are just as beautiful.

We already have gardens we’ve worked hard on. They contain rolling lawns and patios so that our residents can enjoy the weather, vegetable patches growing a variety of delicious vegetables, beautiful bushes and vibrant flower beds. We know our residents like our gardens because many of them spend lots of time out there. Some of them even get involved in helping us with the gardening.

So we set about asking our residents what they would like from a new garden. We wanted to know what their favourite parts were about the garden we already had and what they might like to see in a new landscape. The grounds of our homes are for them, there is no point in us designing them without asking those who enjoy them the most what they would like to see. When it comes to making the big decisions about our homes, especially with such popular aspects of our grounds, they’re the first people we consult.

Our residents came up with some wonderful ideas about features in our garden they would enjoy, including wind-chimes and a barbecue. They also came up with some ideas about what they would like to see less of. These included squirrels and the removal of their favourite trees!

We’ve collated all of the information we have and our landscaping work is due to begin in October or November. Our brand new garden will be completed ready for the spring next year, ready for the warmer weather. You’ll be able to find photographs of it on the Peverel Court Care Twitter account, which you can follow at @PeverelCourt.

Care Awards

The first Bartlett’s Oscars is roaring success at summer party

On July 30th we held our annual summer garden party at Bartlett’s Residential Care Home. We host a garden party at every one of our homes on an annual basis, and our residents, staff and families look forward to it with great gusto.

This year we held our first ever Oscars style ceremony, where our residents were praised for various attributes. We gave out awards in a number of categories, including best poet, storyteller and gardener and they we’re presented by the Owners, Directors and all care staff. It was a new celebration of our residents and their achievements and it was very well received. Each of our winners were presented with a personalised gift.

A family member of one of our residents said, “It was so touching when the awards were given out, especially when mum was given one.”

Another said, “We particularly appreciated Kavita’s awards – not only did she create the opportunities for the residents to produce them, but she also did a lovely display and gave wonderful prizes. We were all delighted with the personalised mug — such a lovely idea, which perfectly represents the essence of the activities programme.”

We were glad to see appreciation for our activities programme, as we spend a significant amount of time making sure that there is plenty for our residents to do. All three of our care homes have a number of daily activities arranged for residents to get involved in, as well as various opportunities to take trips outside of our grounds. Being in care doesn’t mean sitting in a chair all day watching television. Not when you live with us.

Our daily arranged activities give us the opportunity to see our resident’s talents, and we were thrilled to be able to honour the skills they have developed throughout their lives during our Oscars style ceremony at Bartlett’s. As well as amusing other residents, these skills give our care workers so much joy on a day-to-day basis.

Our residents love our garden parties and we know that their families do too, but we were still touched by the number of thank you cards we received after the event.
One said, “As we sat as a family on the lawn, we said what a lovely place Bartlett’s is, kind, happy and caring. It means so much to us that Mum is so happy at Bartlett’s, and is still able to express her creativity with all your encouragement.”
Feedback like this makes us incredibly happy. We work hard to make sure that those we care for are enjoying living with us, so it’s wonderful to hear that our families appreciate our efforts.

The fact that people had enough fun at our garden party to take the time to send us cards and emails is testimony to the hard work our staff put in to organising the event and making sure it ran smoothly. We’d like to thank them all whole-heartedly for their dedication to the day. Special thanks must go to our Activities Co-ordinator Kavita Salhotra and her daughters, who volunteered their time to make the garden party the special occasion it was. It was deemed a roaring success by residents, families and staff alike and, since we’re never content to sit back and assume we have cracked it, next year’s will be even better!

Dignity, End of Life Care

Residents and their families review Peverel Court Care

We’re lucky enough at Peverel Court Care that we receive positive reviews on a daily basis. The staff working in our three properties, Bartlett’s Residential Care Home, Stone House Nursing Care Home and Merrryfield Nursing Care Home, are told by residents and their families that they’re happy with the care we provide on a daily basis.

We’re recommended on with a rating of 9.7 and above. Our resident surveys, which are completed on a relatively frequent basis, rate us as outstanding. The experts agree too, you may have read recently that we received two excellent reviews, one from Oxfordshire County Council and another from the Care Quality Commission.

Of all of the reviews of our care we receive, we value those from our residents and their family members the most. We thought you might like to hear some of the words they have spoken about some of the most important aspects of our care.

The state of our homes

Everyone wants to live in a comfortable home – one that is clean and tidy, comfortable and attractive.

At Peverel Court Care, all of our rooms can be tailored to the individual tastes of their occupants. Our communal areas, like the lounges and the dining rooms, are dressed the very highest standards. Even the gardens are scenic and beautiful. In the next few months we’ll be renovating them with the input of our residents, who have been asked to tell us which parts of it they enjoy the most and what they would most like to see built in the grounds.

One of our residents recently said they felt as though they were in a restaurant every time they ate in our dining room, and a relative recently said that our homes are “spotlessly clean.”


Dignity is important to everyone. We all wish to be treat with it, especially when we are older and vulnerable.

A family member of one of our residents recently said of her uncle, “The care and attention and patience of the staff with all residents was very apparent. They are all treated with dignity and respect and their concerns listened to.”

Another said, “The patience of the staff, nursing care, and dignity with which the residents live I find humbling. An excellent care home and highly recommended.”

End of life care

We accept some people into our care in the very last stages of their lives. This is a troubling time for both residents and for the people who love them. It’s important that people have access to pain relief and care of a high quality during this time, to make the final stages of their lives as comfortable as possible.

One family member recently said of our end of life care, “Though his stay was brief, the nursing care, personal care and pastoral support that he received was excellent. Nothing was ever too much trouble for them. My desire that dad would be as pain free and as comfortable as possible in his final weeks were met.”

Happiness is key

One of our family members recently said of her uncle, “My uncle spent the last 3.5 years of his life here. He was very happy here and saw the staff and other residents as his family.”

People want happiness for themselves and for those they love. We want it for all of our residents. Nothing makes us happier than hearing that our residents are happy.

If we’re striving for happiness for our staff and happiness for our residents, then high quality care is happening. There is no other way to achieve it than to make sure that our staff and residents are content. We believe that our efforts towards happiness are the reason we receive reviews as positive as the ones you have read above. It is a theme running through all of the care we provide. It always has been, and it always will be.

For more information on Peverel Court Care, please contact us.

End of Life Care

End of life care at Peverel Court

Nobody likes to think about their own death, or the death of a loved one. Unfortunately it’s something that everyone will have to face one day.

Those living with us have the benefit of an excellent end of life care team, to ensure the process is as comfortable and pain free as possible. But these aren’t the only factors that need to be considered in the final weeks and days of someone’s life.

Dignity is important to everyone. It’s something most of us don’t give much thought to until we get older, because until that point most of us are the keepers of our own dignity. As we become more vulnerable, we rely on others to treat us with respect. In the final stages of our lives, when we might not be able to communicate our wishes properly, dignity is something we rely on other’s to allow us to retain.

At Peverel Court Care, we strive to provide some of the best end of life care in the country. Our staff are meticulously trained to care for people reaching the end of their life, working with local GPs, hospices and families to make sure our residents are comfortable, content and receiving the care they have asked for.

This outstanding end of life care starts with the ‘end of life care pathway’, in which our residents and their families depict how they would like to be cared for as their time draws near. As part of the individual care plans we construct for everyone who comes to live with us, we put together an ‘Advanced Wishes Document’, which contains detailed information about the wants and wishes of our residents in various situations. It means that we are delivering the care people expect even when they can no longer express their wishes.

We’re always looking to better ourselves and to move along with best practices, so we continue to seek the support of Jane Naismith, the Educational Lead at the Florence Nightingale Hospice. The nature of their work means their constantly improving their end of life care. We can learn much from them, and it is a relationship we value dearly.
We’re always trying to improve. Stone House recently purchased a new Syringe Driver for end of life pain relief and is in the process of introducing a Spirituality Care Plan for all residents.
But what matters to us the most is that the families of those who live with us are happy with the end of life care we give their loved one, and that they verify that our resident would have been comfortable and content with the care they received in their final few weeks or days. We’ll leave you with a quote from the family of a lady who lived with us for nine years and who recently passed away.
“We are so grateful to everyone who has looked after her with such loving care over the last nine years and for the dignity and respect shown in her final days.”

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