@buckscc awards excellent rating to Bartlett’s Residential Care Home, Part Two

Golden stars ratingBartlett’s Residential Care Home has always been proud of its compassionate elderly care. We go out of our way to make our residents feel well cared for and comfortable. We are aware that our outstanding staff play a major role in providing and fulfilling our philosophy: customised and exceptional elderly care.

It is because of the efforts and hard work of the staff that Bartlett’s was recently awarded an excellent rating by @buckscc. The monitoring officer from Bucks County Council interacted with and observed the staff at work.

Observations about the staff

Bartlett’s has always laid emphasis on staff training. We invest time and resources to enhance the skills of our staff so that they have the necessary expertise and knowledge to take care of the residents and their needs.

The @buckscc officer found out that the staff have received mandatory training and updates to help support and care for people living with dementia. The staff know the importance of promoting dignity, and go out of their way to make sure it happens.

Staff feedback

Bartlett’s provides the support and encouragement that the staff require. This was confirmed by a staff member who spoke to the monitoring officer.

We also have a whistleblowing policy in place, and make sure the staff have a clear understanding about the policy without worrying about repercussions.

One of the staff members interviewed by the @buckscc officer said she appreciated the support of the management, particularly when she required flexibility in working hours. This particular staff member has been with Bartlett’s for 16 years.

We welcome you to come and visit Bartlett’s Residential Care Home. We have ample car parking in front of the building for visitors, relatives and friends. We encourage visitors to mingle with our residents, who enjoy the company. You can also use the opportunity to enjoy the well-manicured grounds and admire the awe-inspiring views of the Chilterns.


@buckscc awards excellent rating to Bartlett’s Residential Care Home, Part One

businessman pointing on sign rating starsBartlett’s Residential Care Home recently added another feather to its cap with the excellent rating awarded by Bucks County Council. The @buckscc monitoring officer visited the home and spoke to residents and staff.

Observations by @buckscc monitoring officer

The monitoring officer observed residents while taking a tour around the home. The officer noted the activities room was abuzz with activities, and residents and staff were interacting there.

There is a dedicated lounge in the new wing of the home, where residents were listening to music playing softly in the background; some residents were busy mingling with their family and friends. The @buckscc monitoring officer noted the communal areas had a relaxed ambience.

Another observation was that some residents preferred staying in their room, even though they were encouraged to socialise with other residents and visitors, and participate in activities. Such residents were provided with one-to-one time by the staff, and were allowed to choose an activity of their liking, such as having a book read to them, playing cards or just talking with the staff member.

Bartlett’s Residential Care Home arranges regular outings for residents, but the number of residents taken out at one time was dependent on the risk assessment and level of mobility of each resident.

Glowing feedback from residents

The @buckscc monitoring offer also spoke with residents, who praised the staff and the exceptional elderly care that Bartlett’s provides.

One resident told the officer she liked living at Bartlett’s and felt she was looked after well. She made a special mention about the staff; she said they were kind, helpful and always willing to offer support when required.

Another resident, who had recently moved to Bartlett’s, said she loved the home, and thought her bed was comfortable and her room was lovely. The resident felt the staff looked after her well, and she enjoyed participating in activities when she felt like it. Otherwise, she preferred staying in her room.

Exceptional elderly care is the hallmark of Bartlett’s Residential Care Home, and the @buckscc monitoring review and rating demonstrates this. We take pride in making sure our residents are happy and comfortable. However, we don’t forget our excellent and hardworking staff. Read Part Two to find out what the staff had to say to the monitoring officer about working at Bartlett’s.


Peverel Court Care scores outstanding rating in resident and relatives survey

Five StarsPeverel Court Care prides itself in providing customised and exceptional elderly care. This is the reason we request our residents and their relatives to rate our three homes using the CQC criteria as a guideline. This survey is conducted every six months, and based on the feedback we receive, we try to incorporate changes to make sure our residents are comfortable, well cared for, and happy in our homes. We are always striving to improve our services in elderly care.

The survey results

We are delighted to announce that our homes have received an outstanding rating. Our survey has 22 questions. The survey participants rate each area of our service on a scale of 1 to 4, where 1 is Inadequate and 4 is Outstanding.

We, at Peverel Court Care, had set an overall target of 3.4 on the rating scale for each of our three homes. However, it is with a sense of pride and happiness that we inform you that for the 22 survey questions, we consistently scored more than 3.4. The collated results of the survey show our three homes – Bartlett’s Residential Home, Merryfield Nursing Home and Stone House Nursing Home – have secured an excellent rating.

Bartlett’s Residential Home scored an overall rating of 3.70, Merryfield Nursing Home 3.62, and Stone House Nursing Home 3.56. These results are evidence that Peverel Court Care takes exceptional elderly care very seriously.

Feedback matters

In a few survey results, our residents and relatives have pointed out areas of improvement. We have a transparent and open communication channel with our residents and take heed of the feedback that we receive. We will work hard to improve in the areas pointed out and are certain we will meet the expectations of our residents and their relatives by the time the next survey is due.

We thank our residents and their relatives for having faith in our ability to provide exceptional elderly care, and we will continue providing the high standards of elderly care that have become synonymous with Peverel Court Care.


Merryfield Nursing Home embraces the community of #Witney

unspecifiedLocated in the heart of the Cotswolds in Witney, Merryfield Nursing Home oozes character and charm. It was constructed in 1922, and boasts an informal and friendly ambience, with an emphasis on exceptional elderly care.

Merryfield Nursing Home believes exceptional care goes beyond the four walls of the care home. That is why the home has forged a strong relationship with the #Witney community, whose history dates back to the Iron Age and Roman settlement.

Enthralling history of #Witney

Queen Emma endowed the Bishops of Winchester an estate in Witney in 1044, and this ownership was listed in the Domesday Book. A palace was constructed next to the parish church, and a street in the estate was named after the queen. It was called Queen Emma’s Dyke, a reference to the granting of the estate.

#witney blanket industry is legendary, and records from 1277 show that there was at least one fulling or cloth mill in the area. By the Middle Ages, Witney had turned into a market town with a flourishing blanket and glove making industry. The last blanket mill in the area shut in 2002.

Today, Witney’s famous blanket industry is showcased at the Cogges Manor Farm Museum, where visitors can get an insight into the blanket market, which saw blankets being exported to American Indians in exchange for pelts and furs.

Present-day Witney is a thriving, close-knit community that hosts many events for visitors and the local communities.

Events at #Witney

The vibrant neighbourhood of Witney has many events to keep people entertained. Some of the wonderful events in the area include:

Natural History on the Evenlode

Combe Mill

17th April 2016 from 10am to 5pm

Free Canal Boating

Anglo Welsh Boat Centre

17th April 2016

#Witney Beer Festival

St. Mary’s Church

30th April 2016


Finstock Village Hall

7th May 2016 from 8pm to 11:45pm

Craft Day @CoggesWitney

7th May 2016 from 10am to 4pm

#WMF2016 – Witney Music Festival

27th May 2016 to 7th June 2016

Free Vintage Bus Rides

First and third Sundays of the month

Near Woodstock, Oxfordshire


Peverel Court Care introduces national living wage for its employees

Money SwirlsPeverel Court Care’s motto has always been exceptional elderly care, and our employees play a vital role in making sure we accomplish the high standards we have set for ourselves.

Peverel Court Care believes its outstanding employees have been instrumental in our homes achieving an excellent rating from the Care Quality Commission. We have always been appreciative of our staff, and that is why we have introduced the national living wage for all employees regardless of their age.

National living wage

The national living wage was introduced by the government to move the UK from a high welfare, low wage, high tax society to a higher wage, lower welfare, lower tax society.

The new wage regulation mandates that, from April 1st 2016, all working individuals aged 25 and over will receive £7.20 per hour, with the national minimum wage continuing to apply to working individuals under the age of 25. This means those under the age of 25 will continue to earn £6.70 per hour, which is set to increase to £6.95 per hour from October 2016.

Appreciating Peverel Court Care staff

At Peverel Court Care we realise we are fortunate to have such wonderful teams in our three homes. To express our appreciation, we have decided to pay all our employees the national living wage. While a number of our staff members are paid more, now everybody, including staff members under 25 years of age, will receive at least the the national living wage; there will be no discrimination in wages for staff members aged 24 and under.

This is our way of thanking our staff and showing them we know they are highly dedicated and work hard to provide exceptional personalised elderly care and make our residents comfortable. Peverel Court Care invites you to visit our homes and mingle with our residents and staff, who are always welcoming and happy to spend time with visitors.

Bartletts, Stone House

Bartlett’s and Stone House an integral part of the Aylesbury/Buckinghamshire community

Image 1Located in the heart of Buckinghamshire, Bartlett’s Residential Care Home and Stone House Nursing Care Home are an integral part of the Aylesbury and Buckinghamshire community. Both homes believe that exceptional care also involves playing an important role in the community.

Bird’s eye view of Aylesbury and Buckinghamshire

The town of Aylesbury started out as a Saxon settlement called Aegel’s burgh. After being a large village for centuries, the town transformed into an administrative centre in the medieval era.

In the 20th century, Aylesbury got its first museum and electricity supply, and by the 1950s, the town had an open-air swimming pool, a hospital and technical school. Once the town became a spillover for London, its population grew. Today, Aylesbury is a thriving town with Bourg Walk Bridge and Waterside Theatre.

Aylesbury’s location in Buckinghamshire offers easy access to the Chiltern Hills, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The Chiltern Hills run through the south of Buckinghamshire and attract cyclists, nature lovers and walkers. The characteristic flint and red brick buildings still stand in many parts of the Chilterns.

Embracing the local community

Both Bartlett’s and Stone House are part of the local community and make it a point to participate in as many local events as possible. This interaction not only allows our residents to mingle with the local community but also helps the community understand the role we play.

Some of the events that our residents, their families and our exceptional staff are looking forward to include:

  • Tiptoppling Wonka Hats on 8th April 2016 at The Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre.
  • Easter Holiday Fun: Teddy Bears on 8th April 2016 at Bucks County Museum in Aylesbury.
  • Tom, the play, on 9th April 2016 at Waterside Theatre.
  • Haddenham Screen, the community cinema at the Youth Community Centre in Woodways, will be screening The Lady in the Van on 12th April 2016 at 8.00pm.
  • Come and Sing on 16th April 2016 at St. Mary’s Church to support Cancer Research UK.

The vibrant and welcoming Aylesbury/Buckinghamshire community has so much to offer locals and visitors, and it is indeed a pleasure to be part of this warm and active community.

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