Peverel Court Care receives Top 20 Recommended Care Home Group 2016 award

Peverel Court Care is pleased to announce that it is the proud recipient of the Top 20 Recommended Care Home Group 2016 award in the Small Care Home Groups category. This award is instituted by carehome.co.uk to acknowledge the hard work and efforts of care homes. Receiving this prestigious award is a testimony to Peverel Court Care’s dedication to providing exceptional elderly care at all times.

The journey to nationwide recognition

The Top 20 Recommended Care Home Group award is based on more than 55,000 reviews and recommendations that carehome.co.uk receives from residents, and family and friends of residents. For the 2016 awards, reviews and recommendations from 15th February 2014 to 15th February 2016 were taken into account, along with the average rating and size of the care homes. Only care homes that are compliant with their regulatory authorities are considered for this highly esteemed award.

carehome.co.uk announced the award on 5th March 2016, and Peverel Court Care was one of the recipients of the Top 20 Recommended Small Care Home Groups 2016 awards. We are very proud to win this UK-wide recognised award that acknowledges and rewards the effort of our staff to provide exceptional-quality personalised elderly care to our residents.

Outstanding staff effort made the difference

Peverel Court Care’s compassionate and caring ethos has helped us create a personalised care setting for our residents. This philosophy also imbues the staff, whose diligence and commitment make sure our residents are happy, well cared for and comfortable, and receiving the care they need and deserve.

Our staff’s constant endeavours to create a caring and comfortable ambience along with customised care plans for each resident has helped Peverel Court Care set benchmarks in care standards. It is the combined efforts of our staff that has made it possible for Peverel Court Care to become one of the top recommended care home groups in the UK.

Stone House

Stone House Nursing Home receives excellent rating from @buckscc, Part 2

businessman pushing button five star ratingStone House Nursing Home is not just renowned for its exceptional elderly care, but we also value our staff. We have an excellent team, and their hard work and dedication was instrumental in the home receiving an excellent rating from Buckinghamshire County Council recently.

Staff observations by monitoring officer

In the @buckscc report, the monitoring officer noted that the management team was extremely proactive in promoting dementia care and dignity. The quality assurance programme that the home has revolves around exceptional care.

The monitoring officer was privy to the interaction between staff and residents, and noticed that it was respectful and friendly. The officer found that staff were aware of the individual needs of each resident and acted accordingly.

Feedback from the staff

The contract officer even interviewed staff to learn about their experiences while working at the home. One staff member informed the officer that he had been working there for two years and enjoyed his role as the activities co-ordinator. He mentioned that he enjoyed spending time with the residents and found their past lives interesting. He also stated that the residents liked sharing stories about their lives with him.

Staff members also informed the officer that the home had a clearly defined whistleblowing policy in place, and staff were encouraged to report when the need arose.

Stone House Nursing Home has mandatory training for staff, and they can approach the manager at any time to request further training that may prove to be beneficial to the residents. This demonstrates our commitment to staff training and development. We believe it helps keep both residents and staff happy, and this was visible not just from the @buckscc report but also the rating @CareQualityComm gave Stone House Nursing Home in the latest CQC report.

Stone House Nursing Home has an excellent team that has contributed to the success of the home and helped us achieve our aim and objective – exceptional elderly care.

Stone House

Stone House Nursing Home receives excellent rating from @buckscc, Part 1

hand writing quality on chalkboard rating starsStone House Nursing Home was recently assessed and evaluated by the Buckinghamshire County Council. We are proud to inform you that the nursing home received an excellent Quality Monitoring report from @buckscc. This reaffirms our philosophy – exceptional elderly care.

The contract officer from @buckscc conducting the monitoring review took the opportunity to speak to our residents, who had nothing but good things to say about our personalised and exceptional elderly care.

Observations made by the monitoring officer

The contract officer spoke to many residents during their visit. The officer felt the residents appeared happy and contented. They also noted that the residents of Stone House were willing to communicate.

During this interaction, the contract officer from the Buckinghamshire County Council had an opportunity to listen to the positive comments our residents offered.

Feedback from the residents

One resident informed the officer that she felt she was very well looked after; another resident commented that the nurses were lovely; and the third resident stated that they “liked living at the home and felt very well looked after.”

Based on the recommendations from family and friends of our residents, Stone House Nursing Home has received a 9.7 rating from carehome.co.uk.

Stone House Nursing Home has always maintained a high standard of care for its residents. We conduct annual resident and relative surveys, and based on the feedback we receive, we improve the service where possible. This would explain why @CareQualityComm also gave Stone House Nursing Home a glowing report in its last CQC report.

Personalised care all the way

As the @buckscc report mentioned, we make sure a registered nurse and carers are always present to provide individualised and exceptional elderly care. We also have activity organisers who create and conduct daily activities for our residents to keep them busy and entertained.

The complaints/compliments book kept at the entrance encourages family members and visitors to write down positive and negative comments. This feedback helps us improve our services so that our residents are happy, well cared for, and contented.



The quintessential beauty of the Cotswolds

Merryfield Nursing HomeLocated in the midst of the Cotswolds, Merryfield Nursing Home provides personalised and exceptional elderly care. The informal and friendly ambience of the nursing home coupled with the surrounding beauty can be soothing, rejuvenating and relaxing not just for our residents but also for their relatives and friends.

The Merryfield advantage

Merryfield Nursing Home is a Cotswold manor that has distinctive charm and character. Built in 1922, the manor has been discerningly converted into a residential nursing home for the elderly, and is equipped to provide world-class care to residents with varying needs.

Besides the exceptional elderly care that Merryfield is renowned for, it also provides an opportunity to imbibe the mesmerising beauty of the surrounding Cotswolds.

The undulating “wolds” run through five counties, including Oxfordshire, and offer a range of attractions and activities throughout the year. @CDCTourism provides constant updates and the latest news on the activities and happenings in the Cotswolds.

The magnetic appeal of the Cotswolds

The Cotswolds offers something for everyone. Spending a day here can be relaxing, thrilling and exciting. You can take a walk and explore the rolling hills, wildflower meadows and ancient woodlands peppered with farmland that is divided by the historic Cotswold stone walls.

The lush countryside boasts some of the finest gardens and arboretums in the country. Hidcote Manor Gardens, close to Chipping Campden, is renowned for its stunning beauty, and Sezincote will leave you entranced with its vibrant design.

The Cotswolds’ amazing history is revealed through its numerous museums, and each boasts its own individual charm and character. The Cotswolds Woollen Weavers and the award-winning Corinium Museum can be enlightening and relaxing.

Be sure to take a ride on the Cotswold heritage steam railway, which will take you from Toddington to Cheltenham as it meanders through the glorious countryside.

The Cotswolds has a huge variety of attractions, and @CotswoldsInfo is a repository of information that reveals the allure of the region.

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