The stunning beauty of Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Bartletts_FrontAs a part of Peverel Court Care’s exceptional elderly care philosophy, residents are treated to natural beauty from every corner of our care homes. This natural beauty soothes the mind and relaxes the body, making sure our residents are always in a relaxed and happy frame of mind.

A celebration of natural beauty

The Bartlett’s Residential Care Home in Buckinghamshire boasts well-manicured and beautiful grounds of 16 acres that offer awe-inspiring views of The Chilterns. The Stone House Nursing Care Home, also in Buckinghamshire, has a 4-acre ground that overlooks @ChilternsAONB.

Bartlett’s and Stone House regularly host summer parties in the grounds so that the residents can take in the stunning greenery of The Chilterns. Come summer, the warm afternoon sun beckons our residents for a fun and relaxing afternoon tea that is laid out in the grounds.

Revelling @ChilternsAONB

The Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (@ChilternsAONB) passes through Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire. It stretches from the River Thames in southern Oxfordshire to Hitchin in Hertfordshire, covering an area of 324 miles of lush green countryside.

@ChilternSociety has been working for decades to protect and promote the history and natural features of The Chilterns. The wooded landscape is famous for its beech woods and ancient Box woodland, which is home to rare lichens and insects.

It is not just the undulating hills, woods and fields that give The Chilterns its distinctive character, but also the attractive farm buildings, individual homes and villages. It is amazing to see medieval churches and ancient windmills still standing majestically in modern times. @ChilternSociety runs annual Building Design Awards along with the Chilterns Conservation Board to make newer buildings reflect and complement the protected landscape.

The Chiltern Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is the ultimate panacea for the eyes, body and mind, and our residents at Bartlett’s and Stone House have the wonderful opportunity to enjoy these panoramic views every day.


Spreading health and happiness through quality meals

Elegant Dinner Setting Abstract Macro BackgroundPeverel Court Care takes personalised and exceptional elderly care very seriously. We believe our residents should be comfortable, happy and healthy. As a part of this endeavour, we provide our residents with healthy, delicious quality meals.

Exceptional meals for exceptional residents

We have qualified and experienced chefs who use fresh local produce to create a delicious choice of meals for our residents. The dishes are cooked in a hygienic manner and then served to residents, who are free to choose where they take their meals.

Our residents have the freedom to eat in the privacy of their rooms or enjoy eating in a social setting with other residents. We encourage family and friends to visit residents, who can enjoy meals in their company.

Quality and hygienic meals, always

Peverel Court Care cares about the quality of the ingredients and preparation process. This effort has won all of our care homes the maximum 5 Stars with the Scores on the Doors scheme, which is a food hygiene rating scheme.

The 5-star rating translates to “excellent” and endorses our belief on serving quality meals for optimal health and wellbeing.

Health through food

The UK recently celebrated National Breakfast Week from 24th to 30th January. During this week, Peverel Court Care focused on educating and reminding residents on the importance of eating breakfast.

Care UK states that glucose levels fall during the night, and the brain requires glucose to function optimally. Low glucose levels adversely affect cognitive abilities. Older people have reduced appetites and do not consume enough calories to stay healthy and well-nourished. Also, seniors with dementia tend to lose interest in eating and hence lose weight.

We make sure our residents get a healthy dose of necessary glucose, fibre and vitamins to kick-start their metabolism, and have enough energy to start their day on a positive note. Studies reveal that regular breakfast improves memory, and reduces the risk of obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.

At Peverel Court Care, exceptional elderly care begins with an appetising, nutritious breakfast and ends with a healthy and delicious supper.


Peverel Court Care brings health and wellness with dance at its homes

Happy senior couple dancing latin american dance for funAt Peverel Court Care, you will notice our residents getting energised and rejuvenated during a dance session. Many visitors are amazed to see some of our frail-looking residents smiling, laughing and becoming animated when dance is a part of their daily activity.

There is ample scientific evidence to show that dance benefits the elderly, including those suffering from dementia.

Calms dementia patients

A researcher associated with the Dementia Research Centre in London conducted research on dancing and dementia. The researcher found that dancing not only calmed the patients but also improved mood and quality of life, and built stronger bonds between the patients and staff.

Fosters social interaction

Structured and regular dance sessions in care homes encourage social interaction. The sessions allow residents to mingle with one another and the staff. Researchers from Queen Margaret University state that dancing allows residents to explore their emotional difficulties using the movements of the dance.

Energises residents with limited mobility

Even residents who are frail and have limited mobility can benefit from dance sessions. When such residents participate in the activity, their posture changes and they come to life watching others enjoying themselves. If these residents are encouraged to move safely while seated, it can revitalise them and make them happy and lively.

Improves physical and emotional wellbeing

Care home residents enjoy improved emotional and physical wellbeing if they are encouraged to dance. The act of dancing improves and strengthens muscle tone and makes residents fitter. Dancing also improves brain function and allows dementia patients to express themselves without getting frustrated over finding the right words.

Peverel Court Care has always taken pride in its exceptional elderly care. As a part of this exceptional and customised elderly care, we promote and encourage dancing. We even invite external groups, such as Dance Café, to come to our homes and perform for and with our residents so that they can reap the benefits of dance.

Stone House

Stone House: from scouting movement to elderly care

Stone houseThe spectacular Stone House in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, is renowned for its aesthetically landscaped gardens and comforting architecture.

Stone House and Baden-Powell

Stone House was constructed in 1862 as a country house. Even during the 19th century, it was a mesmerising construction, with its lush, sprawling lawns and trees dotting the landscape. Located at Bishopstone Road, Stone House was home to Lord Baden-Powell, the pioneer of the scouting movement.

Born in 1857, Robert Baden-Powell became a hero during the Boer War, when he defended Mafeking, a small town near Johannesburg, for 217 days against more than 7,000 Boers. It was during this war that Baden-Powell developed the idea for boy scouts. During the siege, he had organised the boys into a Mafeking Cadet Corps to handle smaller tasks and chores around the town.

He penned several books and papers to talk about his vision of creating the scouting movement. In 1910, he resigned from the Army and formed a committee for the scouting movement. The movement became so popular that it spread to other countries, including Russia, the West Indies, South America and Canada.

The interest in the movement was not limited to boys. Even girls registered for it. Baden-Powell convinced Agnes Baden-Powell, his sister, to organise a separate girls’ movement, which he christened Girl Guides.

Stone House today

Stone House today is a residential nursing home that houses 35 residents. It sits on four acres of beautiful, lush grounds dotted with trees and manicured lawns. It provides around-the-clock nursing care that is tailored to meet the needs of the residents.

While the original architecture has stayed untouched, a few changes have been incorporated in Stone House to comfortably accommodate the needs of the residents. It boasts a relaxing and well-furnished conservatory that offers awe-inspiring views of the grounds. The ensuite bedrooms are tastefully furnished and decorated, and overlook the grounds.

We invite you to visit Stone House and sit with our residents, who love to talk about the history of the house. Once you walk into Stone House, you will realise that we truly believe in exceptional elderly care.

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