Tips for choosing the right care home for your loved one #CareQualityComm

Front of homeElderly adults with health conditions such as dementia, who are unable to manage their day-to-day living activities independently, often prefer moving to a care home rather than staying alone at home or living with the family. Good quality care should be personalised and promotes independence, treats people with respect, and improves quality of life. Hence, finding a care home that offers exceptional levels of care must be a priority.

Finding quality local care homes

You can check the list of local care homes at the Care Quality Commission website. The website also publishes detailed inspection reports that cover various benchmarks that care homes have to fulfil to receive a rating, which is indicative of the quality of care.

The next step is to contact the care homes to find out the level of care offered to people with different health care needs. There will probably be a waiting list for a place, so the possible time delay before a vacancy becomes available will need to be established, as will the fees. Care homes will send you information that you should review carefully. This way, you can shortlist the promising ones and schedule a visit to check them out.

Tips to select a good care home

Besides the most recent inspection report from the CQC, you should also take into consideration the following selection criteria:

  • Location: Consider the location of the care home. Will family and friends be able to visit easily? Is the home located in a tranquil or noisy area? Can residents access shops and leisure facilities?
  • Safety and Security: Find out the arrangements the care home has to ensure safety and security of residents and visitors. You may also want to enquire about the measures in place to deal with complaints.
  • Staff Training: Good care homes ensure they train and upgrade the skills and knowledge of their staff to provide exceptional care of the elderly. Such training equips staff to cope efficiently with all types of residents and to deal with emergencies more efficiently.
  • Hygiene and General Upkeep: Quality care homes are clean and bright, and offer a hygienic environment that is carefully adapted to suit the needs of residents.
  • Diet: Seniors have special dietary needs. Hence, the food provided should be tasty and nutritious.
  • Resident Activities: Care homes should have age-appropriate activities for residents that keep them stimulated and entertained. No resident should be forced to participate in any activity.

At Peverel Court Care, we are proud to state we meet all criteria to qualify as a quality care home that offers exceptional elderly care. We offer personalised care plans to meet the individual needs of our residents, who are well looked after by highly trained, qualified and friendly staff. Our care homes have received excellent inspection ratings from the CQC for elderly care services. We welcome you to visit our three homes to check out the facilities we offer.

Stone House

Peverel Court Care: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

xmasimageAs 2015 comes to an end, we, at Peverel Court Care, wish our amazing residents, their relatives and our hard-working staff a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. This has been a remarkable year for Peverel Court Care, but without your support it would not have been possible.

Our motto has always been ‘personalised and exceptional elderly care’, and the great testimonials we have received from our residents and relatives saying we are living up to our motto will make it a cheerful Christmas and joyous New Year for us.

Terrific testimonials

“As a former nurse I would like to recommend Bartlett’s. My mother has been in Bartlett’s for over seven years and the care has been excellent. She is well hydrated, with excellent nutrition and skin care, and the staff have all been extremely caring. There have been very few staff changes in those seven years. The staff are well trained and up to date. Excellent facilities.”

Overall StandardExcellent – Linda G, daughter of resident

“We highly recommend Merryfield Nursing Home. Every single member of staff is totally committed to making my aunt as comfortable and happy as possible. Without Merryfield’s caring staff and warm ambiance I doubt whether my aunt would have reached her 100th birthday. Needless to say, all the staff got together to give her a wonderful party with a delicious buffet, beautiful cake, singing, dancing and a gorgeous book of memorable photographs.”

Overall Standard: Excellent – Roger R, nephew of resident

Stone House is a lovely building in a beautiful setting. Overall, it exudes a comfortable and relaxed air that is clearly beneficial to its residents. The staff demonstrate a high degree of professionalism, friendliness and care, which is important to the wellbeing of the residents – and visitors. The building is always clean, fresh and tidy throughout.”

Overall Standard: Excellent – Mike S, son of resident

These words are inspirational to us and we will strive harder to make Peverel Court Care homes even better in 2016.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

Stone House

Christmas cheer comes to Stone House Nursing Care Home

Burning lanternResidents from Stone House Nursing Care Home eagerly waited for the Christmas festivities to begin. It was a wonderful sight to see them enthusiastically make tree decorations on December 1 and then spend the entire day decorating the tree. For everyone involved it was a day filled with laughter and joy, and we have to applaud the creativity of our residents – they came up with beautiful decorations that made the tree the highlight of the home.

Christmas cheer

After the tree was decorated, it was time to think about the goodies. So, in the afternoon on December 3, our residents were busy making a pie and the Christmas cake. Everyone pitched in to give their take on both the pie and the cake, and the end results were simply delicious.

Stone House Nursing Care Home residents love music, and that is why on December 8 they, along with the staff, enjoyed some Christmas singing, while a Christmas choir performed on December 10. We loved seeing our residents swaying and tapping their toes to the songs!

Our residents also participated in a Christmas quiz; their enthusiasm was infectious, with both staff and guests joining in and testing their knowledge.

The Christmas celebrations in Stone House Nursing Care Home will climax on December 21 with a special Christmas party for the residents, followed by Christmas cake decorating on December 23. On Christmas Eve there will be a Christmas sing-along in the morning followed by the screening of a Christmas film in the afternoon.

Tickled Pink comes to Stone House

For many our residents the brilliant performance by Tickled Pink Productions was the highlight of the Christmas festivities; it was extremely interactive and had our residents laughing with joy.


Bartlett’s Residential Care Home residents celebrated the joy of giving with @DementiaUK

Five Pomeranian Puppies Celebrating a BirthdayResidents of Bartlett’s Residential Care Home heralded the Christmas season early this year. The festivities and events at the home started on 7 December 2015 and finished on 18 December 2015, with an afternoon session of making mince pie pillows. Every single day was divided into morning and evening sessions so that the residents did not get tired and exhausted with the vast array of activities lined up for them.

Fun and excitement

This Christmas season, Tuesday mornings were dedicated to hairdressing and manicures, which helped our residents get ready for the events and also feel good about themselves. However, that is not all: residents also enjoyed chair-based exercises, participated in Christmas bazaars and painting sessions, and took part in quizzes and sing-alongs.

On 7 December, from 2pm, the residents were treated to a performance by Mike Gee, who is an accomplished comedian, vocalist and impressionist. We also made arrangements for Holy Communion for residents who wanted to partake in this religious sacrament. This was scheduled on 9 December.

We even had programmes to spur creativity amongst our residents. On 12 and 13 December, residents were involved in the art club and also made strawberry Santas. On 16 December, the residents were busy curbing their excitement to colour Christmas pictures while waiting for Father Christmas to make an appearance at Bartlett’s. The following day, the residents were entertained by @stoneCofEschool, who sang Christmas Carols in the morning. Many of our residents joined in, and everyone had a wonderful time.

The joy of giving

While the residents of Bartlett’s Residential Care Home enjoyed the fun-filled Christmas activities, they also decided to do something for the community. We are proud to say our residents made Christmas cards by hand, which were then sold to the local community. Proceeds from the sales were donated to @DementiaUK, which offers specialist one-to-one support and guidance to families dealing with a loved one diagnosed with dementia.

The residents from Bartlett’s Residential Care Home truly redefined the spirit of giving with their thoughtful gesture towards @DementiaUK.


Christmas festivities begin with a bang at Merryfield Nursing Home

Christmas Residents of Merryfield Nursing Home are already in the Christmas spirit. The festivities started at the nursing home on 2nd December 2015 and will continue until New Year’s Eve. These festivities are designed to entertain the residents and make them feel comfortable and part of the ever-growing Peverel Court Care family.

Festivities galore

There are many events lined up for the residents. They will be tapping their toes to piano recitals by artists Nick Gill and Chris the Piano Man, listening to the melodious Julie Hunt and Cody, and enjoying keyboard recitals by Wendy Byrne.

A church service is scheduled for 13th December, followed by a Christmas carol service on 14th December. The residents will also be treated to the musical notes of the Brass Quartet on 17th December; they will try their luck at Christmas bingo on 22nd December, and sway to musical entertainment by Donna Chalcraft on New Year’s Eve.

The highlight of the ongoing Christmas festivities at Merryfield is the performance by Lillian Carter for the gala Christmas party on 21st December.

An artist with a beautiful voice and heart

Lillian Carter, a professional singer, has entertained the residents of Merryfield Nursing Home several times. She makes time to chat with the residents and has always maintained that she loves the ambience at Merryfield.

The residents will be treated to Lillian’s amazing vocals as she performs jazz, blues, jazz fusion, pop, country, oldies, classical, and folk songs. It will definitely be a treat for the residents, their families and staff to enjoy the wonderful performance of Ms. Carter and spend time with her.

Gratitude and appreciation

As part of our Christmas festivities, residents were treated to a visit by Miss Oxfordshire 2015. Layla Claridge, who was crowned Miss Oxfordshire on 7th June amidst tough competition, visited Merryfield and spent time chatting with the residents recently. We thank @laylaclaridge for taking time from her busy schedule to visit Merryfield Nursing Home.


Fiddle cushions create positive experience for Merryfield residents with dementia

Fiddle CushionPeverel Court Care has always given the utmost importance to personalised and exceptional elderly care. Our homes take into consideration the individual needs of residents and personalise the care based on those needs.

Creating a safe haven for residents with dementia

Residents with dementia need specialised care, and we are proud to say that Peverel Court Care staff have the training, knowledge and expertise to offer superior care to such residents.

We realise dementia patients tend to get agitated and anxious at times. It is imperative they calm down for their own safety and others around them. That is why Merryfield Nursing Home has introduced colourful multi-sensory activity cushions known as fiddle cushions.

Fiddle cushions to the rescue

A fiddle cushion offers sensory experience along with activity engagement for fidgety and restless dementia patients. The cushion has a number of objects, such as belt buckles, ribbons, bows, buttoned or Velcroed flaps with pictures, beads on a cord, functional zippers and clothes pegs. These objects are securely fastened with the help of machine stitching or strong crochet cotton. The cushions come in a range of colours, designs and themes.

Trials in care homes have shown that fiddle cushions have the uncanny ability to calm agitated and anxious dementia patients and keep them engaged. One trial also used the cushions to prevent residents from wandering off.

Customised fiddle cushions in Merryfield Nursing Home

Many residents in Merryfield Nursing Home have personalised fiddle cushions that keep them calm and relaxed. One resident loves watches and owls, so her cushion has a few watches along with an owl. Other residents have materials in different textures, zippers and buttons.

As residents manipulate the objects on the cushions, it helps them calm down and diverts their attention by keeping them busy.

Exceptional elderly care is the hallmark of Peverel Court Care, and with the introduction of fiddle cushions in our homes, we have taken our level of care a notch higher.

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