Stone House

Peverel Court Care offers the most exceptional elderly care in exclusive settings

Bartletts_Back-When elderly parents are unable to take care of themselves and require assistance in day-to-day living activities, it can be very painful and stressful. Thankfully, you never have to worry about your elderly loved one because you can trust and rely on Peverel Court Care to take care of your loved one the way you would.

The glorious history of Peverel Court Care

We have been offering exceptional elderly care since 1986, when Peverel Court Care acquired Stone House Nursing Home. This started our journey into creating a compassionate and caring facility for the elderly. It didn’t take long for Stone House to set the benchmark in elderly care. Our idyllic settings and personalised care played a huge role in bringing Peverel Court Care to the forefront of elderly care assistance and residential facilities.

Following the success of Stone House, Merryfield Nursing Home was added to our portfolio, enabling Peverel Court Care to set the standard in nursing care in Oxfordshire. Today, Bartlett’s Residential Home is also part of our group, which has passed on to the second generation.

The founder’s son has been steering the ship since 2000 and has the same passion and dedication as the founder. Peverel Court Care continues to add more facilities and accommodation whilst making sure superior care standards are always maintained.

What Sets Peverel Court Care Apart?

Peverel Court Care believes in creating a caring, compassionate, dignified, and aesthetically pleasing environment for our residents, who have made immense contributions to our society and local communities. We are different and unique because:

  • We have an excellent reputation with the local and national inspectorate
  • Our home managers, who are registered nurses, have been with us for decades and believe in our ethos and core vision
  • Our homes are well-equipped and our staff are highly trained and qualified to meet the needs of our residents
  • We are committed to staff development and training and a work-life balance that gives a boost to our staff retention endeavours
  • Peverel Court Care offers personalised elderly care in rejuvenating, historic, and spellbinding settings
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